KB10KA Bluetooth Keyboard Pairing Instructions

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KB10KA Bluetooth Keyboard Pairing Instructions

Postby vitalpro » Mon Sep 09, 2013 2:12 pm

Hello There,

Recently we got some customers feedback that they are using our KB10KA with IPAD2, IPAD3, Nexus 7, SamSung Galaxy Tab that it will not pair.
Please follow the following pairing instructions from our Engineering Team and it should work with no issues.

Here are the pairing instructions.

1. turn the bluetooth keyboard switch to on on the left hand side of the keyboard.
2. press on the pairing button above the power led indicator.
3. the bluetooth keyboard will be flashing a white led light rapidly.
4. go to your device and select bluetooth from the settings screen. ask to look for a new device.
5. it will show bluetooth keyboard. choose that selection and it will come back with a pairing code.
6. type in this code on the keyboard and press enter. the keyboard will now be pair.
7. if for some reason you don't see the keyboard code on your device please call our service dept for assistance.


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