vitalASC new Ultra Slim Bluetooth KB for IPAD and Tablet

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vitalASC new Ultra Slim Bluetooth KB for IPAD and Tablet

Postby vitalpro » Wed Feb 13, 2013 3:56 pm

We are please to announce our new Ultra-Slim Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Rechargeable Keyboard ,
it designed for ipad iphone , Android tablet , smart phone and windows PC .
t comes in 3 different colors to choose from. RED, GOLD and SILVER.

Offers easy pairing There is no need to carry batteries.
The Bluetooth Keyboard comes with a LI-ION Battery that is rechargeable.
It only takes 3 hours to fully charge and have a 6 days continuous use ,
if suspend mode will be hold over a month .

This keyboard can be use with major OS such as Apple IOS, Android OS, Windows OS.
Works with popular tablets and smartphones such as Apple,
Samsung and etc… with the compact size of the keyboard you can use it anywhere.
You can match your décor with the selection of colors.

Here is a quick setup guide to show you when you got new KB

1 Turn on the Bluetooth settings on your device. Such as a phone, Tablet, or computer.
2 Turn the switch to on on the left hand side of the KB.
3 Press the link button on the upper right about the word power. A white LED will be flashing.
Look on your device now and look for a new device named Bluetooth Keyboard.
next type in the passcode show on your device on the keyboard and hit enter. Now the KB is sync to your device.
4 you now can use your new Bluetooth KB. Enjoy it.

We will keep you updated. Please check back on here for new products and announcements.

Thank You,

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