stars 2022-03-17 5 stars Simple Yet Nice Pen by Kat Primm (for EPL825 Surface Stylus )
Verified Purchase Bought this pen so i could take hand-written notes through my laptop - it took me a second to figure out how to turn it on (the instructions are pretty simple) but turns out you just have to let it charge for a few hours and it works great! I do not have a surface laptop (HP Envy) but it works great. PROS: affordable doupe to a surface pen or other stylus - captures my handwritting accurately, and doesnt glitch if my hand it touching the screen. Instructions are simple but concise, and the extra 3 tips will come in handy! I do not have a surface latop (I have an HP) but pen was compatible with no issue! Pen weight is pretty balanced (not too light to feel cheap and not too heavy to feel bulky) and the design and buttons are sleek. Length is nice too, it's a little bit longer than a typical mechanical pencil for reference. CONS: for me at least, the pen did not capture too much soft stokes/drawing whispies. I didn't buy this pen for that purpose, but I tried to draw on a few different apps (photoshop, notes, and journal) and each application captured differently, but still not equivalent to say a Wacom Drawing Table + Pen or real life pen - this could be just for me, since I dont have a surface laptop and I dont intend to use this pen for any drawing. Second thing that also isn't a big con but mentionable is the instructions don't mention you need to charge the pen before you first use it - wasn't a big issue but i did have to come back to the listing to find that out. Overall, great doupe and style for casual notes/stylus use. Not sure if it's perfect for drawing, but again not what I bought it for. Price point is great for the pen.

stars 2022-02-19 Better than the HP pen by PJ (for EPL002 USI Chromebook Stylus )
Verified Purchase Feels really good in hand. I prefer the little bit heavier weight of this pen verses the HP pen. Performed exactly like the HP on my chromebook but is not as cheap feeling. Would recommend

stars 2022-02-14 Great product by Phen (for EPL002 USI Chromebook Stylus )
Reviewed in the United States on February 14, 2022 Verified Purchase I like this stylus a lot. Battery life, build quality, form factor and feel are all great. The one thing I didn't like is that it requires a little bit too much pressure in my opinion, which I'm not gonna fault the manufacturer for because I think I understand the decision making process that lead to that. For those who end up feeling that it requires too much pressure, here's a fix: Pretty much every program that's mean for serious design/artistic work has a setting for tweaking the global pressure sensitivity curve for that specific program, so you just need to find that setting and modify it until you are satisfied with the result (I added an example of what the modified setting in Krita looks like for me).

stars 2022-02-14 Great product by Phen (for EPL925 Touch all stylus )
Reviewed in the United States on February 14, 2022 Verified Purchase I like this stylus a lot. Battery life, build quality, form factor and feel are all great. The one thing I didn't like is that it requires a little bit too much pressure in my opinion, which I'm not gonna fault the manufacturer for because I think I understand the decision making process that lead to that. For those who end up feeling that it requires too much pressure, here's a fix: Pretty much every program that's mean for serious design/artistic work has a setting for tweaking the global pressure sensitivity curve for that specific program, so you just need to find that setting and modify it until you are satisfied with the result (I added an example of what the modified setting in Krita looks like for me).

stars 2021-08-30 by (for EPL002 USI Chromebook Stylus )
Sauce 5.0 out of 5 stars Get it for your checkbook Reviewed in the United States on August 30, 2021 Verified Purchase 10/10 , worked great . I loved it and the seller was really responsive. Great costumer service. I recommend:).

stars 2021-08-30 by (for EPL002 USI Chromebook Stylus )
Jonathan B 5.0 out of 5 stars Great pen for an HP X360 Chromebook. Reviewed in the United States on February 2, 2021 Verified PurchaseEarly Reviewer Rewards(What's this?) Works perfectly with my HP X360 Chromebook. Maybe slightly less responsive than an Apple Pencil on an iPad but gets the job done.

stars 2021-08-27 Great Product at an Amazing Price by William (for EPL002 USI Chromebook Stylus )
Verified Purchase Purchase 2 of these stylus for our daughters as my spouse has the original apple stylus. While the apple stylus certainly has its advantages, these pens rock. The pens re comfortable to hold, they sync via Bluetooth seamlessly and hold a decent charge. The only negative is the magnetic side of the of the pen as its questionable.

stars 2021-05-29 by (for EPL002 USI Chromebook Stylus )
Devyatkin Gleb 5.0 out of 5 stars Good pan Reviewed in the United States on May 29, 2021 Verified Purchase Button block is a little bit wobbly, but all other looks good. It will be awesome to have USB-C instead of microUSB.

stars 2021-05-29 by (for EPL002 USI Chromebook Stylus )
Devyatkin Gleb 5.0 out of 5 stars Good pan Reviewed in the United States on May 29, 2021 Verified Purchase Button block is a little bit wobbly, but all other looks good. It will be awesome to have USB-C instead of microUSB.

stars 2021-02-28 Great quality with a sweet price by Fred (for EPL925 Touch all stylus )
Verified Purchase Well ... I am not sure what sheerness or thickness means for a stylus. Amazon seems to categorize this product in the wrong way. Anyway, I am happy with the pen as it works on both iPhone and iPad and has great precision and build quality. The tip has appropriate resistance which makes me feel like using a marker pen. Plus, the price is sweet.

stars 2021-02-12 Great pen! And works perfectly across all my devices by AC (for EPL925 Touch all stylus )
Verified Purchase This pen works great and it is perfect for my iPhone, tablet, and iPad. I like it because I can use just one stylus pen for all my devices. It is easy to use and it has high sensitivity and no delays. Also it included a switch on the pen for those of us that use screen protectors on our phones, so we can use this pen without removing the glass protector. I highly recommend this item as an affordable alternative to apple’s version

stars 2021-02-12 Great pen! And works perfectly across all my devices by AC (for EPL825 Surface Stylus )
Verified Purchase This pen works great and it is perfect for my iPhone, tablet, and iPad. I like it because I can use just one stylus pen for all my devices. It is easy to use and it has high sensitivity and no delays. Also it included a switch on the pen for those of us that use screen protectors on our phones, so we can use this pen without removing the glass protector. I highly recommend this item as an affordable alternative to apple’s version

stars 2021-01-05 5 stars Digital pen by pawsaway (for EPL825 Surface Stylus )
5.0 out of 5 stars Digital pen Reviewed in the United States on January 5, 2021 Verified PurchaseEarly Reviewer Rewards(What's this?) This is very comfortable to use and is much more accurate than another one that I had

stars 2019-01-22 5.0 out of 5 starsThis is GREAT!! January 7, 2019 by Paul (for KBMKRETROL03US)
Verified Purchase this was the answer to my wife's dilemma of a keyboard that was design wise pretty but not practical. she loves the real feel of the keys. a winner!

stars 2019-01-22 5.0 out of 5 starsThis is GREAT!! January 7, 2019 by Paul (for KBMKRETROL03US)
Verified Purchase this was the answer to my wife's dilemma of a keyboard that was design wise pretty but not practical. she loves the real feel of the keys. a winner!

stars 2019-01-05 LOVE IT by Schindler (for EK319P)
I needed a large keyboard and my logotch was skipping letter so I found this one at Amazon. WOW, it is fantastic, large print keys and so easy to use. it has a riser on the back if you chose to use it. looks so pretty, [pink] and works great. love it.

stars 2019-01-04 Glad I got this by Walmart 5 out of 5 Stars (for Smart pen)
Great item, so glad I got it. I draw with it and use it like a mouse thats easier to carry.

stars 2018-10-26 5.0 out of 5 starsGreat company and tablet for price/quality. by Silvia E (for JME512)
Verified Purchase Hi, I use to this for Microsoft Office apps and browsing. It works excellent for the 4GB of RAM that it has. Best tablet that you can find with Windows 10, Full HD,the RAM I mentioned and the screen size. So if you don't want to spend on a huge budget and you just need it for simple tasks, this table does the job. I would like this company to produce the same product with 64GB or 128GB of storage, it would sell tons more of tables. Something that it don't like is the keyboard/case it has, it is golden pink and you cannot choose the color. Also I bought a pen for OneNote and taking notes for math class, it does not work, sometimes it reads the pen and sometimes not, you need to use your finger. I give 5 stars only because it met my expectations taking in consideration what I spent. I could not ask for more. That's all.

stars 2018-09-06 5.0 out of 5 stars Very impressive! by johninfl (for POPTEL P9000 MAX)
Color: OrangeVerified Purchase After buying the same brand of phone for over 30 years, I was hesitant to buy this phone. I have lost 3 phones over the years to water damage, so I decided to switch to a water resistant/proof phone. I'm a boater and have gotten into situations that cause me to drop my phone occasionally. My last phone had a shatter proof screen, but wasn't waterproof. Most of the phones that are waterproof on the market are either very outdated in specifications, or if not are very pricey. I just bought a phone for my spouse that was over $700 (not waterproof or shatter resistant) and I wasn't that impressed for the price. I'm also on the Verizon network so that somewhat limits my phone choices when shopping for a "non Verizon" phone. After checking the specifications for many phones this one looked as though it would work. I placed the order and in 2 days it arrived at my door, just like any other phone order. Unpacking the phone I was pleased, it came with the wall charger, patch cord, adapter for using the phone as a back-up charger for other phones/tablets, and a set of earbuds! I installed my SIM card and SD card from my previous phone and to my surprise after answering a few prompts my phone was up and running with no additional programming needed. This is also the first phone I had that COMPLETELY transferred all my apps, pictures, and any other data from the previous phone! Using the phone is a pleasant experience. This phone has the same Android operating system as my previous phone but without all the bloatware, so no learning curve for using it. The fingerprint sensor was easy to set up, and the apps run smooth and quick with no hang-ups. Button layout is slightly different than I am used to, but not difficult to use. I also like having the option of the camera having both the screen and a physical button for the shutter operation. I find the display colors are slightly different than my last phone, but clarity is excellent. It is a bit heavier than my last phone, but going from a 3760 mHa battery to 9000 mHa as well as the phone being physically larger I was expecting that. I like the chunky rugged design and the way it has a substantial feel in your hand. It may not have mods that can turn the phone into a projector or a mini boom box. I does however give you a nice phone, decent camera(s), and several other feature found on mid to high end phones. Overall at this price point this phone gives you a lot of bang for your bucks. I am very impressed. Pro; Rugged and good looking Un-bloated Nougat operating system Fingerprint security Long lasting power supply Responsive Great price Con; None UPDATE..... Great phone, battery lasts 2 days with pretty heavy use and 3+ day with lighter use. I wasn't sure about using the dual SIM card so I made a call for more information to the seller. when they couldn't answer all my questions immediately I was told I would get a call back shortly. Withing 10-20 minutes I got a call from Poptel USA directly. MY question was answered along with a picture to further explain the answer to my question. I then got a followup call from the seller. A couple of day later another followup call from Poptel USA just to see how everything was going with the phone! Now that's customer service!! I'm certainly pleased and everyone I get into a conversation about phones with I recommend this phone without any hesitation and give them a demonstration of it's many positive features!

stars 2018-09-04 Very impressive! by johninfl (for POPTEL P9000 MAX)
After buying the same brand of phone for over 30 years, I was hesitant to buy this phone. I have lost 3 phones over the years to water damage, so I decided to switch to a water resistant/proof phone. I'm a boater and have gotten into situations that cause me to drop my phone occasionally. My last phone had a shatter proof screen, but wasn't waterproof. Most of the phones that are waterproof on the market are either very outdated in specifications, or if not are very pricey. I just bought a phone for my spouse that was over $700 (not waterproof or shatter resistant) and I wasn't that impressed for the price. I'm also on the Verizon network so that somewhat limits my phone choices when shopping for a "non Verizon" phone. After checking the specifications for many phones this one looked as though it would work. I placed the order and in 2 days it arrived at my door, just like any other phone order. Unpacking the phone I was pleased, it came with the wall charger, patch cord, adapter for using the phone as a back-up charger for other phones/tablets, and a set of earbuds! I installed my SIM card and SD card from my previous phone and to my surprise after answering a few prompts my phone was up and running with no additional programming needed. This is also the first phone I had that COMPLETELY transferred all my apps, pictures, and any other data from the previous phone! Using the phone is a pleasant experience. This phone has the same Android operating system as my previous phone but without all the bloatware, so no learning curve for using it. The fingerprint sensor was easy to set up, and the apps run smooth and quick with no hang-ups. Button layout is slightly different than I am used to, but not difficult to use. I also like having the option of the camera having both the screen and a physical button for the shutter operation. I find the display colors are slightly different than my last phone, but clarity is excellent. It is a bit heavier than my last phone, but going from a 3760 mHa battery to 9000 mHa as well as the phone being physically larger I was expecting that. I like the chunky rugged design and the way it has a substantial feel in your hand. It may not have mods that can turn the phone into a projector or a mini boom box. I does however give you a nice phone, decent camera(s), and several other feature found on mid to high end phones. Overall at this price point this phone gives you a lot of bang for your bucks. I am very impressed. Pro; Rugged and good looking Un-bloated Nougat operating system Fingerprint security Long lasting power supply Responsive Great price Con; None

stars 2018-08-07 Pink Chocolate by Pink Chocolate (for EKB319P)
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! such a great addition to my workspace. The pink is so perfect. Backspace bar is smaller than other keyboards but totally worth getting used to.

stars 2018-08-03 Five Stars by brca (for EK319P)
fast delivery- large print

stars 2018-04-28 It is perfect !! by devebe (for JME512)
It is perfect !!

stars 2018-04-12 Relly cool by David M. (for JME512)
Pros: Take your pick Android or windows !!!!!!very cool!!!!!! Cons: Chuwi is new to me I felt like I was taken a risk with 300 bucks but so far so good.I mite buy from them again.

stars 2018-01-24 Works Great! by Geovanni (for vitalTEK 810R)
This product is really well put together. It works perfectly for what I need. I had upgraded to the most recent Windows 10 software and it caused my touchscreen to not function properly. After I figured out the driver was missing I contacted them and I got it directly from them and it’s working properly. They have great customer support!!! Thanks

stars 2017-10-20 Great laptop. 4GB RAM which is rare at this ... by buyer (for JME 2in1 10)
Great laptop. 4GB RAM which is rare at this price. Little on the heavy side but sturdy, good for kids.

stars 2017-10-20 Great buy, happy with product specially for small businesses. by Amazon Customer (for JME 2in1 10)
Great buy, happy with product specially for small businesses

stars 2017-06-08 Outstanding tablet and great price by Amazon Customer (for JME512)
I bought this tablet for my son. He is a college student and loves it. He has been using it for 6 months. We did have an issue with the keyboard now and customer service took care of it. They are great!!

stars 2017-06-08 I love this tablet by Denise T (for vitalTEK 810R)
I love this tablet! It is easy to use, lightweight, nice size for viewing. And the case is a nice extra.

stars 2017-04-18 marguerite main by Alyssa D. (for vitalAZ Backlight Keyboard)
incredible keyboard. I love the lighted colors and keys; i am 59 and have brain injuries and this keyboard is easy to use. At night it rocks to write my soon to be published book. A person got mad at me and threw coffee on the first one I bought so bought another one. A great writing tool

stars 2017-04-13 Way More than I expected by Alyssa D. (for vitalTEK 810R)
Pros: Fairly fast, decent battery life (considering Im cranking on it pretty hard), nice sharp and bright display, plays back 720p movies with out any stutter. After pre installed os the internal storage is about 26GB (which is great for a collections of books, .docx / .xls files, etc) the expandable SD card slot makes adding more stuff nice and easy. I added a micro usb mouse and was able to install and play some of my older C&C strategy games. Cons: I don't have anything bad to say - it does what I need as I need it and actually performs way above what its price point would have indicated.

stars 2017-04-04 starsGrand Daughter really likes this setup, really likes the pink color by Dan (for KB10KA-R)
Bought for my 9yr. old grand daughter, she loves using it with her pink desktop case PC computer

stars 2017-03-22 Five Stars by Amazon Customer (for JME 2in1 10)
This device works very well

stars 2017-03-09 Surprisingly good quality and Perfect for gaming and everyday use! by Happy User (for EN-LDBK-CX)
This mouse looked a bit basic at first glance, but since it was relatively inexpensive I decided to try it out. Once I received the mouse and felt it in my hands I was blown away by the quality and performance. This mouse has everything I need it to have, high performance, good dpi, and responsive clicks. I’m glad I got this mouse cause I use it practically every day for gaming and just browsing videos.

stars 2017-01-18 Surprisingly reliable laptop by Amazon Customer-Verified Purchase (for vitalHT921)
When I bought this laptop 3 weeks ago I was really skeptical that the performance would be poor due to the low cost. But it has actually been as reliable as my $400 Laptop. A couple things that I really like about this laptop is the huge HD screen, the light weight, and of course the reliability. I might even buy more in the future because these would be great for gifting my family.

stars 2016-12-30 Computer Love by Cristina Fichte (for 0912)
Gift for my daughter. She loves i

stars 2016-12-30 Pretty good performance and is well worth the price by Amazon Customer-Verified Purchase (for 0912)
The screen is large enough for a tablet and its memory is also enough. Pretty good performance and is well worth the price.

stars 2016-12-06 I was super skeptical about these tablets at first - namely due ... by Palawan (for JME 2in1 10)
The screen is large enough for a tablet and its memory is also enough. Pretty good performance and is well worth the price.

stars 2016-12-01 Pretty good performance and is well worth the price by Amazon Customer-Verified Purchase (for JME 2in1 10)
The screen is large enough for a tablet and its memory is also enough. Pretty good performance and is well worth the price.

4 stars 2016-11-25 tampafan75 by tampafan75 (for 0912)
So far this laptop is working great, I'm using it for college and its getting the job done. Its super fast, i like the customizations you can do. In my opinion this is a good buy I am happy with it. THANKS!!!

stars 2016-11-24 Great Keyboards... by Mark W. (for 0912)
I have purchased three of these, one after another, LOVE them, everything about them, GREAT keyboards... Now if only they would make an Ergonomic version of this with the Large Print Lighted Keys, hint, hint...

stars 2016-10-26 Love the huge letters!! by P. Jackson (for 0912)
Great keyboard! I'm a sexagenarian so anything BIG to read is always helpful to me!! The back lights add to the visibility of each key, and at this point I have found only one aspect to which I have had to acclimate myself. Because the letters are larger than on other keyboards, the Shift-Key Letters are NOT above the numbers keys. They are visible in the lower right of each number key. This takes a little getting use to. The numbers were not as difficult as those with symbols and punctuation marks. A bit harder to remember that the Shift Key is required for the 'lower right' symbol.

stars 2016-10-25 Five Stars by Amazon Customer-Verified Purchase (for 0912)
Perfect for me to use while traveling.

stars 2016-10-10 Five Stars by Ashraf Syed (for 0912)
no problems

stars 2016-10-10 Tablet by pumpkin8 (for 0912)
This is a great tablet. It was very easy to set up. I like that it is light weight.

stars 2016-09-18 Exchange for a new: Intel Quad Core 10.1" IPS 2GB RAM 32GB EMMC Touchscreen 2-in-1 Laptop Tablet PC Windows 10 + by Connie Burgmeier (for vitalHT725)
At first I was having trouble getting into the Tablet portion I was connected to the WiFi, but I could not connected to the internet I wrote to Amazon and tried to explain the problem I was having. A very nice gentleman just called from Amazon and walked me through it step by step. Now I can connected to my favorite websites with no problem. I have been a customer of Amazon for years!!! They have everything you are looking for at the best prices. I highly recommend Amazon to everyone, they have great Customer Service

stars 2016-08-31 Purchase this 2 in 1 before it's all gone! by Amazon Verified Purchase (for JME 2in1 10)
I highly recommend this laptop. It is very easy to set up and use. The price is very inexpensive. If I love it, I know the next purchaser will love it too.

stars 2016-08-20 5.0 out of 5 starsBetter Than Hoped For ! ! ! by GEORGE B. (for KB10KA-B)
Exactly as I hoped for. Many keyboard features that I never expected. As I suspected, it is made by a bigger company and they sell the exact same product for 50% more. truly an excellent value.

stars 2016-08-05 Awesome case for my Ipad Air!!! by amazon customer (for CASEKB-IAIR-BLK )
I bought this case and it was a great deal for the price, under $15 and has great quality. The keyboard works really well and the case fits perfectly. I would recommend it if you're looking for a good case that is not cheap quality but also affordable.

stars 2016-06-14 A Windows 10 Bargain 2in1 by Grunt (for JME 2in1 10)
After searching the web for a 2in1 tablet with MS Windows 10 and expandable memory I purchased this tablet because it has no peer as far as value for the price paid. It was configured with the same chipset as it's more expensive mainstream competitors and has a screen resolution that exceeds the majority of competing manufacturers using Windows. (Most of those offer the 8.1 version). The finish is excellent and the keyboard solidly built. It should prove a versatile work horse for those seeking mobility and the creative productivity Windows 10 offers. The free upgrade to 2Day USPS was a considerate and unexpected bonus.

stars 2016-03-20 Vital 9" Quad Android 8GB Tablet by adverteaser (for vvital-Air-902)
Reviewing the value priced tablets of this size the Vital 9" was the only one that had all of the features of the high priced "Name Brand" tablets. I have been using the table for a while now and I am completely satisfied with its performance. The only problems I have found are with the Android System, not the table. I bought a 32gig memory card so I would have plenty of storage space, but Android does not allow Apps to be loaded to the card so the internal memory got filled fast with Apps not allowing any more to be installed. I installed Firefox so I wouldn't be constantly bothered with Google popup ads while browsing but had to uninstall it when space ran out... and I haven't been able to find an App to block the annoying ads in the build in browser. I still believe this is the best value in lower priced tablets and I think it is silly when I see the high priced tablets advertised thinking the people spend the money when you could buy four or more Vital tables for the same price.

stars 2016-02-16 Great value! by jerrnine (for vital-Journey-7)
Great value! - Everything you would want to experience latest windows 10 experience. Tablet was deliver promptly with simple effective instructions list to get you going.

stars 2016-01-27 Five Stars by angie (for vital-Journey-7)
perfect !

stars 2016-01-26 Pretty perfect purchase by Max (for Club-ST1011-48G)
Pretty perfect purchase. Best purchase I have made in years. After much research to purchase a tablet---this has been well worth the money for what you get. Syncs in with Smart TV perfectly. Amazing technology.

stars 2016-01-26 Definitely Reccomend no silicone covering by Amazon Customer (for KB10KA-B)
Absolutely love it! The keyboard does not have that silcone cover on top and it has arrow keys and such. However, I thought I had a bad one until I realized that I had to click the button that looks like WiFi in the corner.

stars 2016-01-21 bigger screen to look at by Amazon Customer (for vvital-Air-108)
I enjoy using this tablet and when I need the keyboard its there,I just need a wireless mouse...but this is so much better than looking at the screen on my Samsung Galaxy 3 phone .. I am happy with this purchase.

stars 2016-01-14 Great Case ! by psports69 (for CASEKB-IAIR-BLK )
This case is terrific , much better than the one had before. Heverything lines up the back stand is much better .

stars 2016-01-05 Amazing Tablets!!! by mmndesa64 (for vitalHT921)
This tablet is amazing!. The screen is great for kids and adults alike. I love how easy it was to do everything on it. It is a wonderful self present for any occasion or for someone else. I ordered 4 lol have grand kids. THEY LOVED IT. I was a hit because of the quality of this tablet.

stars 2015-12-16 Great Display Decent Battery Life for the price. by cyber_falcon (for Club-ST1011-16G)
Tablet has an IPS display which gives really good viewing angles. 1 GB of ram is good enough to stream and play most videos. The tablet is very good for watching movies and shows with the right video player and on Netflix app. Just don't try to run too many resource heavy apps at the same time and you will be good to go. 4/5 for $99.

stars 2015-10-08 Great Tablet Which Can Upgrade to Win 10 by AL (for vital-Journey-7)
You need to be somewhat of a techie if you're going to buy this device. The 16GB drive is full and somewhat un-usable because the drive is partitioned with a recovery partition which takes significant space. Here is the link that will give you the how to remove the partition and save the recovery image to a USB drive. Once you do this and upgrade to Windows 10 and add a Micro SD card, you have a nice tablet. It's fast and Windows 10 works great on it. Here is the link. The price is right, there is no bloat-ware like other tablets to take space and slow things down. Another note, to upgrade, you need more space than on the internal drive. You need to insert a Micro SD card which Windows update will use as temp storage to do the update. Added Comment: I had this tablet for a couple weeks now and just want to say I still love this thing with Windows 10. The Intel quad core chip is extremely fast. Because it's a Windows tablet, it's easy to set it up to share my printer over the home network. I tried to stream sports with it and it worked without any halting to catch up. I know that this is somewhat related to the speed of you internet connection, but the processor is fast enough if you have the internet speed. It terms of comparing it to an Android tablet, it's a no brain-er. With Anroid, you have a tablet. With this tablet it's not only a tablet, but you can make it a essentially a PC as well. Oh, one other thing, support from vitalASC has been great. They are responsive and communicate well.

stars 2015-09-09 Five Stars by Dante Davis (for vvital-Air-902)
Awesome product!

stars 2015-09-08 vital Air Tablet by Phyllis (for vvital-Air-902)
I am really enjoying my vital air tablet. It is great for answering my email, chatting and keeping in touch with my friends on Facebook, and reading the current news. Battery lasts all day without recharge. This is a great buy.

stars 2015-09-07 tablet used instead of laptop by stanon (for vvital-Air-902)
great product use it every day. bought for daughter also

stars 2015-09-07 tablet used instead of laptop by Stan (for vvital-Air-902)
great product use it every day. bought for daughter also

stars 2015-09-03 Excellent value by Vicky Non (for vvital-Air-902)
This tablet is perfect the kids. Big enough at an inexpensive price, you can't find this size for this prize. Might need another one so my kids won't fight over it. I received a sample of this product.

stars 2015-09-03 Five Stars by Paula Benvinon (for vvital-Air-902)
Only used this for a few weeks but love it !

stars 2015-08-28 great tablet by joseph snyder (for vvital-Air-902)
Great tablet and great delivery :)the graphics are good for watching videos and playing games :)

stars 2015-08-24 5Great product for low money! by Djkon (for vvital-Air-902)
Awesome little tablet for the price. Only wish I could find a case that fits it!

stars 2015-08-21 Five Stars by DianaCFloreson (for vitalHT725)

stars 2015-08-18 Great for the kids by Love Pets (for vvital-Air-902)
Great table for the kids since it is inexpensive, if they break it is not a big deal since it is inexpensive. Every works well considering the price. The only thing about it is the screen, compared to the ipads screen this won't even come close. But we are comparing a sub $100 to a $500 item. I got this from ebay.

stars 2015-08-12 5Awesome by W. Torborg (for vvital-Air-902)
Very good and responsive, I have no problems with it. The battery lasts long enough for reading; that's mainly what I use it for. Going on the net to get books is no problem if I use Firefox browser.

stars 2015-08-10 5Can't go wrong at this price! by Tiby (for vvital-Air-108)
An 10 inch android tablet for this price? Wow amazing! I didn't think that I would be able to afford a tablet that my boys would really enjoy using, but this one fits the bill. It is fast and portable. You can't go wrong with this price!

stars 2015-08-06 5good battery life and excellent GPS reception with the built ... by B. Willams (for vvital-Air-902)
Bright, good battery life and excellent GPS reception with the built in antenna. I use it as a chartploter on my sailboat, and it runs Open CPN perfectly. It's bright enough to see in sunlight, if not as well as I'd like but as bright as any tablet is likely to be. The GPS works well and the battery holds up for a 4-6 hour sail. Plus it's cheap enough that if something goes wrong, as it so often does while sailing and the tablet gets ruined, I can replace it. I recommend the custom case they sell for it, the first one we had got cracked while in a dry bad. Our fault, not the products, but it does need some protection as it's not that rugged.

stars 2015-07-29 5Big bang for the buck by Kim H. Gadget girl (for vvital-Air-902)
Tablet feels solid, not cheap. Seems to be pretty fast on most games but I have had some lag at times, probably due to my connection. There are complaints about not much of a viewing angle but who wants someone eyeballing your screen anyway? I mean if you want to share your screen you can hook up to a TV with the HDMI cable. Audio is real good. I love the FM radio feature. On a metered data plan I don't like streaming so this provides my music. The only issue I have is that my 64MB micro SD card isn't readable on this tablet. That means I have to carry around extra 32MB SD cards but I suppose that's not a deal breaker. For the price you can't do much better . this tablet moved up to my go-to tablet pretty quickly.

stars 2015-07-26 I'm pleased it has plenty of ram memory which is always by David Swanson (for vvital-Air-902)
The unit is very economical. Display is sharp and legible. This unit should be used as a standard as far as functions are concerned with FM radio and GPS. I'm pleased it has plenty of ram memory which is always a plus but I also wish there was a swap memory option for the power multitasking individual if the user has fast enough external memory module. The device has 8GB of internal memory but it seems to be partitioned between data for applications and applications only. So you don't get 8GB for applications but it is divided in half for application data and applications I think. Applications are not viewable to the user via the file manager. It is very confusing how this is all laid out determining if you can load more applications or not and when inquiring about this on VitalASC's forum, there was no answer. It seems the forum is shut down as there is no recent postings. I do have a beef with the image sensors or cameras, unable to focus clear images, blurry (yes I cleaned the lens area) but the color accuracy is just fine. The MediaTek quad-core chipset is fast for an ARM architecture device. Very snappy and responsive with Android. I just wish there was an option to use Ubuntu "Touch" or Debian on this device which have images for ARM devices too, instead of Android which I think has too many invasive privacy issues. Vital Air 9 is a wonderful hardware platform with great potential and I recommend it despite the other issues I have bias with.

stars 2015-07-26 5Great tablet for the price by garrett shaw (for vvital-Air-902)
This tablet is very good,one surprise that is not advertised is that it has split screen,so you can open up 2 app at the same time like watching YouTube and at the same time reading something on chome browser,all the apps can be made smaller or adjusted to desired size,kinda like Samsung with the multiscreen,had to write this review,very please with this tablet and with that suprise feature

stars 2015-07-22 The battery life is great, charging is easy by Stephanie L (for vvital-Air-902)
I bought this for business use. It does work with the square app and reader since it has built in gps and the correct microphone headset jack. I bought an icon case from big lots that is made for 7" tablets, but is extra long and it fits perfectly. The battery life is great, charging is easy. The only downside is that the screen is dark when titled 2 ways, so I just make sure it's tilted correctly for clients.

stars 2015-07-20 Absolutely Fabulous! by GLENN G. (for KB10KA-R)
Pros: It has all the keys you need. Super flat / thin…. Keys respond with a light touch. Easy to clean. Battery last a long time. I charge it about once a month and use it with my home computer. Cons: Because it is so super thin (love it) it may twist slightly if you place it on your lap and this can lead to accidental multiple key presses...random keys. Recommend that you always use this keyboard on a firm flat surface. Other Thoughts: This is my second KB10KA-R. I strongly recommend this fabulous keyboard. Absolutely Fabulous I call tech support with a possible issue. They answered the phones quickly and are very patient, knowledgeable and helpful. I would give this product 5 stars simply for their incredible tech support. FRIENDLY

stars 2015-07-19 Great Value by CarlBudaTx (for vvital-Air-902)
Best inexpensive 9 inch tablet I have found. 5 stars based upon comparison with other 9" tablets in this price range. It you want the best 9" buy a IPAD or Kindle. Pros: price, well built, clear display, best low end processor for games and longer battery life, blue tooth, FM radio, GPS. Cons: like all displays in this price range it must be held at the right angles to be clear, web browsing a little slow. Order a SD card when buying you will need it.

stars 2015-07-17 Great Product by Devilishon (for vvital-Air-902)
Bought this for my mom and she loves it because it has a big screen. Great price point for this tablet.

stars 2015-07-16 Five Stars by Scoobie (for vvital-Air-902)
Great inexpensive tablet for the kids.

stars 2015-07-16 Best bang for the buck! by Protectoron (for vvital-Air-108)
A 10 inch tablet with a plethora of features like Bluetooth, dual camera, HDMI...for under $100?! That's a steal!

stars 2015-07-15 Budget Tablet by newton's apple (for vvital-Air-902)
So far everything is working great. I am very happy with this purchase, saved me some money.

stars 2015-07-15 Love it ! by Lemon Tree (for vvital-Air-108)
Love the price of this tablet!

stars 2015-07-14 My kids love it! by alicia white (for vvital-Air-902)
My 2 sons loves this tablet. Going to get another one so they won't fight for the it. 2 tablets for the price of one, awesome!

stars 2015-07-13 Can't go wrong at this price by Troy (for vvital-Air-902)
GPS, Bluetooth, FM radio and HDMI output for just $65. This is a steal!

stars 2015-07-10 Five Stars by Anthony Salvaro (for vvital-Air-108)
Excellent tablet for the price! I was even able to run a Dreamcast emulator on this thing......

stars 2015-07-08 Five Stars by Devilish (for vvital-Air-108)
Great tablet!

stars 2015-07-06 Awesome product for an awesome price by Michele (for vvital-Air-902)
Awesome product for an awesome price. I didn't think that I would be able to afford a tablet that my kids would really enjoy, but this one fits the bill. It's fast, it has wifi, it doesn't need a subscription to a provider to run it, it's portable, and the graphs and sound rock. It charged the first time in about 5 hours, but I'm hoping that isn't an indication of how long it'll take to charge in the future. But even if it does, it's worth it to keep my kids off my phone!

stars 2015-06-24 most importantly the gps works great, the battery recharges quickly (another problem I had ..., by gary odell (for vvital-Air-902)
received this tablet 3 days ago .able to do more on this tablet than the previous 2 tablets, in a year .was really getting pissed at google, even the keyboard works right, if this has happened to you, you know what I mean .connected to wifi in a few minutes where last tablet refused to and the previous one was a challenge every time.i blamed my router .most importantly the gps works great, the battery recharges quickly (another problem I had on previous tablet)

stars 2015-06-19 vital Air 108 by chris lole (for vvital-Air-108)
My son loves this tablet.

stars 2015-06-17 vital Air 902 by Tom (for vvital-Air-902)
Great 9 inch tablet. This is one of the most inexpensive 9 inch tablet out there. You can't go wrong at this price.

stars 2015-06-11 Great for travel by Billy L. Seibert (for ST1011-16GCase)
Bought this specifically to use when I travel. It is fast and has proved to be adaptable all over Europe.

stars 2015-05-20 Outstanding! by Jeff eisenberg (for vvital-Air-902)
This is an excellent android tablet, especially at this price!

stars 2015-05-18 So Far So Good by Dale J. (for vvital-Air-108)
Pros: Fast startup. Boots to wifi as soon as it's turned on with no delay. Great for the money ($99) A stylus works much better than on my old 7". Perhaps the spacing gives more to touch? Cons: None yet

stars 2015-05-15 Best 10.1" under $100 by brandon taylor (for vvital-Air-108)
Great tablet for under 100$ mother in-law loves it. (mother's day gift) After a few days of searching I ended up going back to the vital air108 each time, with the speed and 10.1" running kitkat 4.4 can't go wrong here.

stars 2015-05-11 Excellent! by rafe popper (for vvital-Air-108)
Pros: Price Android runs smooth HDMI out Light and slim 10 inch screen Cons: Viewing angle A good 10 inch tablet at this price is a steal!

stars 2015-05-11 Five stars by William Mills (for KB10KA-S)
Nice little keyboard, works fine and connected to the Blutooth easily.

stars 2015-05-07 Five Stars! by Erwin Hofler (for vvital-Air-108)
This tablet has really good battery life, unlike my old tablet. Android Kitkat is running fast on this. The screen is not as sharp as the latest iPad but you won't notice if you don't put them side by side. Still the screen looks great. I think this is the best bang for the buck tablet out there! I recommend it.

stars 2015-05-02 Great buy for the money by Colleen D. McNulty (for ST1011-32GCase)
Does everything they said it would do I watch Netfix and Hulu, play games etc. No major issues except need new power cord and screen covers so I'm purchasing those today. Great buy for the money! Just goes to show it doesn't have to be an IPad product to be good. I don't have the keyboard but don't need it as it's built in anyway. When I'm stuck in the hospital it sure makes time go by faster!

stars 2015-04-27 Amazing value! by Jerry Vasquez (for vvital-Air-108)
A 10" tablet with good specs under $100? That's an amazing value. Bought it for my mom because she needed a bigger screen tablet. She loves her new Vital Air108!

stars 2015-04-27 Highly recommended! by Sarah white (for vvital-Air-108)
I didn't want to spend too much on a 10 inch tablet so I got this. To my surprise, the vital air108 is much better than I expected. 5 stars!

stars 2015-04-23 great tablet by Marina S. (for vvital-Air-108)
Thank you for a great tablet! I'm happy! Be sure to order another one.

stars 2015-04-15 Great service and product will buy from them again................... by robin haggerty (for vvital-Air-902)
This Tablet has it all GPS, Bluetooth, Long Battery Life and all the other features that the other brands have. I have owned other tablets but this one by far has it all and I will give it a five star rating. I only had one issue with my new tablet and that was the GPS and to my surprise the company contacted me to see what I thought about the tablet and to make sure I was satisfied with their product. I explained my issue and they walked me through it with putting on the free app for the GPS and now it works great also having a large GPS screen is nice. I recommend this product to anyone looking for a full featured tablet that does not cost you half your salary this is it look no further.

stars 2015-04-14 The best for pennies on the dollar by Jody D. Swiss's (for Club-ST1011-16G)
this is the finestvalue in a tablet you can buy today. It combines one of the fastest quad-core processors at 1.6 that money can buy along with over 1200x800 screen resolution you can't ask for more in a tablet today at a reasonable price. Although there is only 1 small speaker the unit s Bluetooth so if sound is important you would want to add a Bluetooth speaker to it. Match this with the folio keyboard and you will have full state of the art technology package at pennies on the dollar.

stars 2015-03-25 Five Stars by PhilipJ.Davis (for Club-ST1011-16G)
This is a great value for the price.

stars 2015-03-21 Not bad by Dave C (for vvital-Air-108)
Unbelievable price! It is not slow and 10 inch is excellent. Don't bother to get 7 inch cheap tablet that you find on amazon, they r all horrible and will break fast. So far, I am very happy with this 10 inch tablet because resolution is good, contrast is ok, speed is decent, Netflix runs great, and overall, it is inexpensive without the cheap plastic feel.

stars 2015-03-20 awsome by thomas e. (for vvital-Air-902)
Pros: works great good battery life customer service is awesome good company will buy from again Cons: none to speak of

stars 2015-03-19 vital Air by Larry P (for vvital-Air-902)
Pros: this is a supper unit works great,highly recomend. Cons: none

stars 2015-03-17 Great tablet by James Bender (for vvital-Air-108)
Great tablet for the young one. Not too heavy and good resolution, google playstore works and so far no complaint. Price is good and hdmi out is a plus. Need external micro SD memory since internal storage is limited, other than that, this is a great tablet.

stars 2015-03-10 Excellent by Francis Park (for vvital-Air-108)
Got this as a gift for my mom and so far she loves it. Cheapest 10.1 inch tablet that I can find that has HDMI built in. Screen resolution isn't too bad when streaming video. She has been watching overseas drama shows on this. Battery life is ok. It is no Samsung galaxy if you are expecting some high quality tablet. It works great overall.

stars 2015-03-07 Five Stars by peggy Rice (for ST1011-32GCase)
Love this tablet faster and better then my next book I'd recommend this one to everyone.

stars 2015-03-04 A great value, solid product. Wonderful customer service. by Ryan Kahn (for ST1011-16GCase)
A great value, solid product. Wonderful customer service.

stars 2015-03-02 Good service by Anonymous (for vvital-Air-108)
Pros: This seller will go out of their way to make things right Cons: none

stars 2015-03-02 very Good by Michael F. (for vvital-Air-902)
Pros: fast performance,good features,highly customisable Cons: too little ram and storage. Other Thoughts: to double the ram and storage it could be in par with brands like samsung and google.

stars 2015-02-08 My first gaming tablet by EC (for vvital-Air-902)
Pros: Strong performance, Hearthstone runs smoothly, gps also works well Cons: Only one speaker, but sound is still pretty clear Other Thoughts: Really enjoy using it, good quality

stars 2015-02-02 Five Stars by Jeanette F (for vital-mini-7)
Perfect Christmas gift for my 10-year-old nephew.

stars 2015-02-02 5 eggs by David P. (for vvital-Air-108)
Pros: Exactly as advertized. Works great. Cameras OK . No problems with using WiFi. Cons: Display is not like the top of the line tablets but I have no problem watching HD videos. While it is NOT like the best or top of the line equipment IT IS a whole lot more bang for buck than they are because they cost so much! Have yet to find an app that can run windows programs through something like a WINE program. I had seen posts of people doing this with 4.4 and still not sure hows they did it. Also have not found an Oscilloscope attachment like the one I have seen that works with windows and LINUX but nothing for Android. I am a HAM radio operator and would like to have a nice portable device to monitor output to antenna for portable use. These are not the fault of the tablet though. More a problem with 4.4 than the tablet. It IS fast. It has not balked once, other than my clumsy fingers being pick up as a touchscreen input. I guess I would say the screen is too sensitive. But that might change when I install a screen protector film. Other Thoughts: Even if it turns out I can not use this for what I would like to, I have loaded my entire eBook library on it an will continue to use it for reading books and watching YouTube videos.I simply like this little tablet. Well done vitalASC!!! Well done!

stars 2015-02-01 GREAT COMPANY. GREAT TABLET by BRETT E (for Club-ST1011-16G)

stars 2015-01-26 Pretty perfect purchase by Max (for Club-ST1011-48G)
Pretty perfect purchase. Best purchase I have made in years. After much research to purchase a tablet---this has been well worth the money for what you get. Syncs in with Smart TV perfectly. Amazing technology.

stars 2015-01-15 Worth the money! by Lovely goddess (for vital-mini-7)
So worth the money. I love it!!!

stars 2015-01-14 VitalASC tablet combo by Ralph Clark (for ST1011-16-KB-CA)
I am quite pleased with this tablet and it's extras. You can't beat it when you consider all that comes with it: cover, keyboard and very impressive screen.

stars 2014-12-08 Five Stars by Gladstone K. (for vital-mini-7)
nice for the entire family

stars 2014-12-06 Good by Pheng M. (for PRO-ST0812)
Pros: It worked pretty good. used it mostly to read and surf internet. no problems so far. have had it for about a month now and everything is aok. Cons: none...

stars 2014-12-03 WOULD BUY AGAIN, LOVE IT! by Debps (for PRO-ST0812)

stars 2014-12-02 The screen savers work great they protect your by darren martin (for Club-ST1011-16G)
The screen savers work great they protect your screen from getting all scratch up when that happens your visilibity is nil

stars 2014-11-11 AWESOME customers service by Rodger B. Terrey (for vital-mini-7)
AWESOME!! GREAT customer service!! I bought this unit through I didn't like the android operating systems ,so I have returned day the customer service rep calls me &wanted to know the reason for returning it?NOT knowing that I had purchased a different tablet with Windows 8(I like Windows system better) they were GREAT ....I called them 5 days later thinking the Windows tablet I bought was their tablet( MY bad) was Acer refurbished & didn't turn on after charging & I asked them what was wrong with this tablet????? Stupid me !!!!! This wasn't there tablet!!!!THEY still wanted to help me! !! All in all GREAT customer services in my mind..... The android tablet they sell is GREAT ...JUST not what I need...

stars 2014-11-05 It's a keyboard by Jennifer C. (for KB10KA-S)
Pros: Rechargable battery Large keys on/off switch Cons: None

stars 2014-11-02 Five Stars by Linda Kowalski (for Club-ST1011-32G)
like it a lot

stars 2014-10-13 my tablet and keyboard was very fast and I love the products by Gina L. Chapman (for ST1011-16GCase)
The delivery of my tablet and keyboard was very fast and I love the products. My friends are also impressed.The camera takes great pictures and email is a snap. I especially like the built in features like navigation etc In short the service I received from Amazon and the quality and diversity of the tablet and keyboard rate all 5 stars

stars 2014-10-13 Excellent Excellent Excellent by Anonymous (for KB10KA-S)
Pros: This is bar none THE best compact bluetooth keyboard I have found. The keys are perfect. Touch is just right, they're raised just enough, and the keyboard is as small as it can be (for my hands at least) and remain genuinely typist-friendly. Battery life is excellent. I've been using it for two weeks now on one charge without switching it off. I have no idea when it will run down. Range is a full 10 meters just as it should be. It's tough enough for daily use and lugging around. Yet it's nice and thin and very light. I've gone through several useless garbage bluetooth keyboards, and said "nope" to dozens more when I went shopping for something decent. Had every possible problem with battery life, pairing, lousy layout, keys falling off. Till now there was just nothing I was willing to actually use. This little baby saves the day, and it's cheap! Cons: It's not made of titanium. They really must make one of titanium. Other Thoughts: Perfect. Just perfect.

stars 2014-09-26 Quite pleased with the tablet and the shipping by UD's Activity (for Club-ST1011-32G)
Works very well. Quite pleased with the tablet and the shipping. This is the 2nd tablet I've purchased and I like it a lot.

stars 2014-09-16 Great tablet for start by Jorge R. (for PRO-ST0812)
Pros: I purchase this tablet for my mother she do not have any technology experience, so I was like let me try, she love it and learned how to used it, is been at lease 3 months and no issues, I purchase 3 of the same tablet and all 3 been working fine. I recommended. Cons: I do not have any issue at the moment . Other Thoughts: Sometimes a non expensive tablet could work this is the proved.

stars 2014-09-06 i love it by Hamilton Bender (for ST1011-KB-Case)
I gave it to my 16 year old grandson for his birthday & he loves it.

stars 2014-09-02 Really great tablet by michael f. (for Club-ST1011-16G)
Pros: Wow! Where do I start! I have owned quite a few tablets, but so far the vitalASC tabs are great. Compared to the "big boys" these tabs have the guts to compete with the best of them at a fraction of the cost Cons: None

stars 2014-09-01 VitalASC mini 704A by Jeff B (for vital-mini-7)
Pros: I have been looking for a smaller tablet for simple browsing, ebook and document reading, lite note taking, etc. For the price, I am satisfied with this purchase. Please know that to get 2 cameras, bluetooth and mini HDMI together, you will have to start at twice the price of this unit. This unit has two cameras, yes, but no bluetooth. That said, it is a good companion for when my 10 inch tablet with all the bells and whistles is too heavy to hold for extended periods or those features are not needed. The construction is solid. The back has a nice 'carbon fiber' texture. It is thin and lightweight. From my experience battery life may be 3-4 hours continuous usage. I have not encountered any performance issues for the purposes I am using it for. If you want to load it up with a bunch of games and a lot of other software, you might find the 4GB capacity to be a limitation. But for simple browsing, ebook and document reading, you should have no problem. Video playback of files I have loaded on a separate mini SD card is fine. All in all, for under $50, with the right expectations, I think you will be satisfied too. From the intensive reviewing of tablets in this class, I think this is the best price, feature and quality match, again with reasonable expectations. Personally, I think $200 is too much for a 7 inch tablet. My 10" was $140, from Chinese retail website. My wifes 8" with dual cameras, bluetooth and mini HDMI was $90 on sale with Newegg. Cons: I think some reviewers may have expectations that would apply to tablets in the $100 plus range. If you are going to play graphic intensive games or load it up with a lot of programs, perhaps consider quad core 8GB models to start with. Again, this unit does not have bluetooth. It was never implied in any description I have read here that this was to be expected.

stars 2014-08-31 Rating 5 by Deb Schlei (for ST1011-16GCase)
This tablet is doing everything I need it to do. I contacted the seller with a question and received a very prompt answer. The power supply that came with the tablet is only AC. Elsewhere I bought an extra power supply so that I could charge via USB. If I had to do it again, I would probably buy the combo with the case from them. All I am extremely happy with this for the price.

stars 2014-08-29 Five Stars by Sharon Hawkins (for vital-mini-7)
works great; take it with me all the time.

stars 2014-08-25 Wonderful Tablet! by C.Davis (for PRO-ST0812)
Well, this is my first tablet. I just received it 2 days ago. It is very fast. There are many great features with it. I like that it came with a cover. I got my package early. I spend hours on it. I like the energy saver sleeper mode when I am not on the tablet. It shuts off therefore I do not forget to turn it off. I get to play my favorite online games, emails, and office apps, and many more. My daughter likes my tablet and now, I have to get her one like mine.

stars 2014-08-11 Five Stars by Kathy (for Club-ST1011-16G)
i love it it is better then samsung tablets

stars 2014-08-05 Really great tablet by Michael f. (for Club-ST1011-32G)
Pros: Wow! Where do I start! I have owned quite a few tablets, but so far the VitalASC tabs are great. Compared to the "big boys" these tabs have the guts to to compete with the best of them at a fraction of the cost. The customer service dept. Was great, I dropped my earlier tab and cracked the screen, called C.S. they gave my A great quote in A replacement screen and I was able to talk to with the service tech on A personal basis every time none of that automated stuff a real person every time. Cons: None

stars 2014-07-27 Incredible value. Biggest bang by J. Shefchik (for PRO-ST0812)
vital must be magic. I have no idea how they can make such a quality product and sell for only $80. It's really nice and with Google Play the possibilities are endless. This is not an iPad mini. If you want the highest resolution, then pay more. The resolution is excellent, colors brilliant. The view angle is not terribly wide, however. But it's a tablet, so a simple tilt and it's beautiful again. The built in speaker is ok. Good enough for simple games and movies. Headphones are needed for crisp, full sound. My 10 year-old saved for a tablet, was happy to find this so affordable and took the chance - knowing Amazon would cover a return. After 2 weeks he couldn't be happier with it; it's our challenge to keep him off it!

stars 2014-07-27 great tablet, great price! by Misty W (for Club-ST1010)
Pros: screen size, portability, case Cons: the charger cord is short, like a crock pot cord the battery life is about 5 hours but after that long of being on it, I probably need to take a break to rest my eyes anyway Other Thoughts: I love the tablet! Everyone should have one of these!

stars 2014-07-10 5 of 5 Star by Dieter P. Brown (for ST1011-32GCase)
I am enjoying the tablet so far. It downloads much faster than my last tablet and the start up speed is twice as fast. The picture is clear and I think it is one of the easiest tablets I've ever had to operate.

stars 2014-07-08 One of the best in the market by ANDREAS CHASAPOPOULOS (for PRO-ST0812)
it is fast and never hans up. better quality than name brands. highly recommended. The best bang for your bucks.

stars 2014-06-17 One of the best in the market by ANDREAS CHASAPOPOULOS (for PRO-ST0812)
it is fast and never hans up. better quality than name brands. highly recommended. The best bang for your bucks.

stars 2014-06-10 Awesome Tablet by Edward B. (for ST1011-16GCase)
Pros: Tablet is fast, smooth, and well made. Love the Android 4.2.2. Handles everything I throw at it. Customization is a breeze. I called vitalACS twice to get some company and service info before purchasing this tablet, and the rep was extremely helpful and courteous. Called again today with a question, and he actually remembered my name! Warranty service is in California. So, if you ever need it, you don't have to ship to China, like you have to with other inexpensive tablets. Believe me this is the best Android tablet under $200 that you could ever possible find. Cons: None. Other Thoughts: A friend recently bought an iPad for $500. I smiled to myself when he shared that, as I spent $300 less on mine. I would rather have that $300 in my pocket than give it to a corporation.

stars 2014-06-05 Rating 5 by Jayme Owen (for Club-ST1011-32G)
I am very impressed with the tablet computer, the quality and care in packaging and it's fast arrival.

stars 2014-05-31 I really like it by penny dollar (for PRO-ST0812)
I was hesitant about the CPU performance, but I took the chance and purchased it and a 10' quad core @ 1.2 GHz tablet from a different seller and believe me this one was far better. I played a somewhat graphically demanding game for two hours, along with looking at some videos and the battery was still over 80%. I charged this tablet and left it for the entire day and then disconnected the power and it was still fully charged the next day. The quad core died the same day despite a full charge and not using it. There is no glitch, freeze or anything when watching videos, handling 'word' or anything, it just works. I wasn't looking for anything great, just something that delivers and this does it. I will say that the cameras aren't impressive as it isn't smooth nor clear, but for the price I am o.k with it. It also stays cool after hours of operation. I will say that if you plan on playing graphically intensive games (which usually are large), improving the size of the memory is necessary for me. I like it.

stars 2014-05-29 Everyone will need this at some point!, by Aaron Seymour (for B00HLUBU8S)
I would give this product 6 stars if they'd let me! So many times I've needed a long chord for my phone... Who hasn't?! Good price, quick delivery, works great.

stars 2014-05-25 vitalASC 10.1 IPS Quad Core 1.6Ghz 16GB Flash Dual Camera Bluetooth Tablet PC by Keene Family (for ST1011-16GCase)
Great tablet learning how to run everything. So far no problems. Arrived promptly with no problems. Thank you very much. . :-)

stars 2014-05-25 impressive by Eric C (for Club-ST1010)
Pros: Very fast, nice clear screen, comes with the Google Play store. Touch pad has been very responsive. Everything works just as advertised, plays all the games my kids have thrown onto it Cons: No front facing speakers, not rooted. Other Thoughts: Bought 2 of these for my kids at a decent sale price. They were right in my price range and had the features I was looking for. I gave them a weeks worth of use from both of my teenagers before asking them their honest opinions on how the tablets were .vs their old tablets. They couldn't be happier. My daughter is the artist in the family and has been using it like crazy for her drawing apps, surfing the web, and taking selfies and other photos with the dual cameras, transferring photos and such with the USB cable, etc, etc. My son is the gamer, and according to him, this tablet runs his games alot faster and smoother then his old tablet. He was also able to connect his logitech f710 controller with a USB OTG cable to it for a more immersible gaming experience. So after all that playing and testing 2 tablets by my 2 teens, the verdict was in... this tablet is AWESOME!! My wife is wanting one for herself now.

stars 2014-05-24 vitalASC 8" ARM A9 1.5Ghz Dual Core , DDR3 1GB ,12GB storage , 1024 TFT ..... by Mom (for PRO-ST0812)
We ordered it for Mother's Day present and it arrived the day before Mother's Day! We found a great deal on Amazon and so far mom has had no complaints about the way it performs. Thanks Amazon!

stars 2014-05-20 great tablet by Karen H. (for PRO-ST0812)
Grandson (age 13) went through two other tablets, different brands, and had nothing but trouble with them, replaced them both while still on warranty. Decided to try this one, for his third try, both because of its 5 star rating, and its price. Has had it for over a month now and NO PROBLEMS!!!! Uses it to play games and watch videos, both work well.

stars 2014-05-13 vitalASC KB10KA by F.D (for KB10KA-M)
Pros: Connects easily to a Dell Venue Pro 8Tablet w/Windows 8.1. Keyboarding is easy. Cons: None Other Thoughts: Liked it so much that I bought 3 more for family gifts.

stars 2014-04-28 Great power pack! by Evelyn C. (for EN-LDBK-CX)
Pros: 1.This product is great quality for a great price! 2.Perfect for business trips (small and compact) 3. Convenient and user friendly 4.Long battery life Cons: -Only one color to choose from Other Thoughts: I recommend this product because it does its job well and has a relatively cheap price.

stars 2014-04-24 really good tablet and fast shipping by Lynette H (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: Bought this for my son who is a middle school student. This was a good deal for a very practical tablet. My son enjoys the fact that it was ready for use right out the box without having to install any programs. He had netflix and allof his games and google play store apps installed on his tablet within 20 minutes. He really likes this tablet. Cons: None thus far

stars 2014-04-14 For the money, an awesome tablet by Dale B (for ST1011-16GCase)
I've been using this since it arrived last week (several days before it was due). So far it's lived up to my expectations almost completely. Battery life is good -- I'm getting over 5 hours of use between charges, using it for email, web browsing and some occasional video. Connectivity is no problem. Charging is pretty quick. After updating the pre-installed apps, even Netflix works great. I have to say, for the price I am very happy with it. There are only a few MINOR things I have found less than ideal... and again, for the price I'm not really complaining. First, it uses an oddball charger instead of micro USB like everything else, but that's pretty minor. They included a micro USB cable to connect it to your PC... but no OTG host cable to plug in a USB drive or anything else, that would have been a really nice thing to include. The cameras are pretty low resolution for a tablet - my long discontinued Android phone has better cameras - but it's a sub-$200 tablet, I didn't buy it for cinematography. An LED light/flash on the back would have been a nice thing to include, though. And I have not been able to get voice input working; there's no mic button on the popup keyboard, even with Google Keyboard installed. I emailed tech support to ask about that, and will update this review when they respond. The BT keyboard works fine, charges using mini USB, light weight, not flimsy feeling, easy to connect and the keys feel fine. No complaints there.

stars 2014-04-11 Keep the money you save in your poscket!! by Kenneth L. (for ST1011-16-KB-CA)
Pros: 1) Price 2 Service 3) Faaaaast!!! 4) Image quality 5) Includes a case and keyboard - case is high-quality and custom-fitted 6) Quality construction 7) Price! Price! Price! - Keep the money you save in your pocket!! Cons: If I find one, I'll post another review. Don't hold your breath. Other Thoughts: Ordered this and got a call within a couple of hours from their corporate offices (a guy named Clement) who told me that it comes with a choice of red, silver, or gold keyboard - which is not indicated in the NE write-up. I got red - looks great! Upgraded my shipping from 3-5 day to 2 day - I can live with that! Everything arrived on time - all in excellent, undamaged condition. This is a new (so far as I know) company looking to get some buzz going about it - Clement has the right idea about how to do it. I suggest you seriously consider this tablet - I'm overjoyed!! -30-

stars 2014-04-11 Sturdy Hardworking Tablet by Cait O. (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: Great for e-reading and streaming Netflix. Wish it was a phone too! Vital ASC makes a great product that is suitable for kids and students especially. This is the tablet I choose to travel with and it can take the abuse I tend to put my tech gear through on a daily basis. Cons: none other than I wish it was also a phone Other Thoughts: The battery life isn't as great as my first Vital ASC but still beats any of my apple gear!

stars 2014-04-06 5 out of 5 eggs :) by John B (for Club-ST1011-16G)
Pros: 2day shipping, arrived the next day! Cons: only charger it comes with is a wall charger.

stars 2014-03-28 happy, happy, happy, with this tablet!!! by Gena O. (for ST1011-KB-Case)
Very happy with the performance of this tablet!!! Does everything I expected it to do and more without spending alot of money on it.

stars 2014-03-28 Very pleased by Janet McDonald (for Club-ST1011-16G)
I purchased this table a while back, and have been using it since. I really feel that it is a jam-up tablet. Because of the quad core, and decent storage, I can use it, the way I want to, without issue. If I want to play AngryBirds, which I really like, it does not stall, or have any of the issues that I have run into with tablets that are not up to par. If I want to read Kindall books, works great, I have read joined Amazon's AudioBook Club, whatever the name is, I don't remember, something about Audible, but even the audio books, work like a charm. There is nothing that I have wanted to do with the tablet, that it has trouble doing. Of course when I ordered it, I also ordered the extra storage minidisk thingie, but that is what you should do, if you buy a tablet that will take the extra memory. This tablet also can use USB thumbdrives for extra storage as well. I have not purchased a memory stick yet, but most likely will eventually. Great buy for the price, a very good tablet.

stars 2014-03-18 nice keyboard by David J (for KB10KA-M)
Pros: easy to snyc, works well with iPhone 4s and iPhone 5c. Cons: I can only connect to 1 device, if wanted to sync to a second device it must be removed from first device. or at least that what I've found so far. Other Thoughts: it does exactly what I expected.

stars 2014-03-15 just as decribed fast, fun, and user friendly by kimberli gray (for Club-ST1010)
Its great, looks classy. I can't believe I paid so little. I have dealt with no name brand before and was disappointed but not this time...its the best

stars 2014-03-13 Enlightening" Mobile battery pack by Eric H. (for EN-LDBK-CX)
This review is from: vitalASC Light Duo 8400mah Portable External Rechargeable Battery Power Pack - Black Pros: sturdy compact rechargeable battery pack with standardized interfaces ( 2 x USB output to connect a charging cable to your device(s) and 1 x micro USB input for charging the pack. Surprise ! There is also a small (reading) light embedded in the unit, which I find to be a very useful feature (which was not mentioned on the documentation / or not noticed ? ) Cons: a bit heavy and maybe a bit bulky (but that comes with the huge capacity) Other Thoughts: comfortable feel in hand

stars 2014-03-10 Bang for the buck by RUSSELL E BLISS (for Center-ST0716)
Really glad I bought it. Runs everything I try without lag. Many great hardware features. Not bogged down with a bunch of preloaded bloatware, just a few of the most popular apps. No regrets.

stars 2014-03-03 Follow-up Review: 6 Months Later by Robert S. (for KB10KA-S)
This review is from: vitalASC KB10KA-S Ultra Slim Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard for Mobile Devices (Silver) Pros: TECHNICAL SUPPORT is AWESOME!!! Functionality Easy Pairing Price!! Battery life is amazing Cons: NONE Other Thoughts: So here I am 6 months later about 37,000 air miles later and I'll tell you something. If you don't own this keyboard, you should have your head evaluated. I'll tell you why. Not only is it just a flat out good product, reliable and tough enough to travel with me for over 35,000 miles in my backpack without any problems, but their Technical Support is awesome. Let me explain. I ran into a problem syncing my iPhone 5 to the keyboard. The keyboard would sync perfectly to my iPad 4, ATV3, and Kindle Fire, but not my iPhone. I would not get the same prompt that gave me a bluetooth code to enter - it was blank. (If you have an iPhone you will know what I'm talking about.) So I called Tech Support. I almost missed the call because a real live person answered the phone. I almost dropped my phone in shock. I explained the problem, he took me through some troubleshooting steps and then sent me to another level of support. Kevin, took me through more troubleshooting steps, but no joy on the pairing. He asked me to screenshot my phone and email the image to him. The very next day he had responded with several images of him going through the pairing process and also a screenshot of his iOS version. Let me just say, THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE KEYBOARD! There was a conflict in another bluetooth sharing app that installed it's own BT stack and driver and that caused all of my problems. I uninstalled the apps and immediately was able to connect my iPhone to my keyboard. My main point to this is the responsiveness of their support. All the people I spoke to sounded like my neighbors next door, if you know what I mean. This was not some offshore, script-reading support desk. These guys are the real deal and I would recommend this product in a heartbeat.

stars 2014-02-28 vitalASC 10 inch tablet, I love it indeed and comes with a cover by ZS38 (for ST1011-16GCase)
Five months ago I wanted to get a tablet just to try and to learn what all the fuss was about. I ordered through Amazon the vitalASC 8 inch tablet model ST0812 because the price was competitive with the better 7 inch tablets but with superior specifications, the latest Android release at the time and 2 cameras. The performance of the 8 inch tablet has been outstanding and I'm very pleased with a bright sharp display and fast respone. Being a newbie with Android I called vitalASC for technical support. What a relief, a human I could understand answered "how may I help you" and immediately connected me to another human who spent a half hour on the phone answering my questions and walking me through the tablet. Thus when I bought a 10 inch tablet for my wife vtalASC was certain to be my first choice with price and latest performance specs as an issue. Also was hoping to purchase it from Amazon. My past experiences with their service has also been first class. If you are looking for a 10 inch tablet that will make your wife happy with speed, sharp bright image, late version of Android and excellect product support, buy this one.

stars 2014-02-28 My first Android tablet and I love it by ZS38 (for PRO-ST0812)
Gee, I wish I could copy and paste the review I just completed for the vtalASC 10 inch tablet I bought for my wife about a week ago. I just don't feel like typing that review all over again. To make this short all I can say is this was my first tablet bought mainly to see what the fuss was about Android and I wanted two cameras with a sharp display that could read Kindle books and cost less than $150. I have been using it for a few months now and am very pleased with all aspects of it. Bright sharp display, fast respnse , 2 cameras and great technical support with NO waiting and people you can understand. This tablet met everything I wanted, has been a pleasure to use and made my 13 year old granddaughter feel like a genius when I asked her to show me how a tablet worked. To me for the price I paid it is every bit as good as those costing twice as much. I certainly recommend it and it comes with a leather case. I also aquired the vitalASC bluetooth tablet keyboard. It is lightweight,very slim, solid feel to the keys when pressed and connected immediately with the 10 inch tablet built in bluetooth function. In my opinion it is another 5 star item.

stars 2014-02-27 Very good by Timothy Nash (for Club-ST1011-16G)
It was/is what I expected. Overall seems to be very good for an inexpensive tablet. Cameras not very good, but I knew that and did not expect much. Otherwise, a great combination of speed, image and storage for the price.

stars 2014-02-25 vitalASC Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard by F.D (for KB10KA-R)
This review is from: vitalASC KB10KA-R Ultra Slim Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard for Mobile Devices (Red) Pros: Pairs easily with Dell Venue 8 Windows 8.1. Nice full size keys. Cons: None

4 stars 2014-02-18 Bluetooth Keyboard by Paul G. (for KB10KA-R)
This review is from: vitalASC KB10KA-R Ultra Slim Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard for Mobile Devices (Red) Pros: Great Keyboard Cons: None Except For A Small Item Defect Which Was Corrected

stars 2014-02-17 Android vitalASC tablet ST1011 by Vladimir K. (for ST1011-16GCase)
This review is from: vitalASC ST1011 All-in-One 10.1" Android Tablet PC + Leather Case/Stand + Bluetooth Keyboard Pros: I decided to order this tablet based on VitalASC 's tech support , the positive reviews and great specs.. I glad I did. Outstanding tablet. Very fast for half the price of top brand names. Very stable on everything you try to do from games, browse the web, emails, reading any format eBooks, office tasks etc... Bottom line its speed and stability with Jelly Bean 4.2.2 bring me a smile as it performs like a clock. Cons: None Other Thoughts: I highly recommend VitalASC's ST1011

stars 2014-02-15 I never thought I would love a keyboard.... by Brian S. (for KB10KA-R)
This review is from: vitalASC KB10KA-R Ultra Slim Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard for Mobile Devices (Red) Pros: Very attractive and effective. It immediately paired up with my Samsung 10.2 2014 edition tablet . This keyboard matches the width perfectly and it holds a charge for days. Most importantly, this gem has all of the keys found on a standard issue keyboard. Thanks again Newegg! I must say that I have never regretted any purchase from them. Cons: Nothing.

stars 2014-02-14 I am pleased with this tablet by Carl D Hunt (for Club-ST1011-16G)
This is my first tablet and "I like it". It is not a name brand and as a result it did not come loaded with the normal factory junk. It had the basic apps loaded which allows me to add what I want and not have those pesky apps that you can not delete. I really like the 10.1 inch size. You can read the fine print and the battery life is very good. It will set in sleep mode for days and still have a lot of battery left to do what you want.

stars 2014-02-11 Wonderful Customer Service by Pastor Gina (for Club-ST1011-16G)
I can't say enough positive things about this company. They look at the orders that come in and if there is a better product at a better price they call you. Imagine a company that wants it's customers very satisfied!!! The follow-up is tremendous. I was also called to make sure the products I have ordered were to my satisfaction and if I had any questions! If my electronic needs fit within the vitalASC realm, I will purchase from them. I am glad NewEgg as them as a supplier.

4 stars 2014-02-10 Excellent value by Matthew D (for ST1011-16-KB-CA)
This review is from: vitalASC ST1011 All-in-One 10.1" Android Tablet PC + Leather Case/Stand + Bluetooth Keyboard Pros: Customer service: I ordered the bare tablet on Friday and got a voicemail and email from VitalAsc letting me know about the tablet+case+keyboard combo for only $2 more, offering to cancel the order so I can choose the combo instead. I emailed back the next day and upgraded my order. It was sent out on Monday, 2nd day express, and arrived on Wednesday. Build quality: Tablet is plastic, but solid and lightweight. No flex to the body and no creaking. Plastic back has a matte finish so it doesn't show fingerprints. Ports are very clearly marked. Display: IPS screen is bright and the color accuracy looks good, with wide viewing angles. No issues with complex multitouch gestures at all. I prefer the 16:10 aspect ratio on this tablet, compared to the more common 16:9; I find the extra space very helpful for websites and documents. For a 10.1 inch tablet I also find the 1280x800 resolution to be just fine for my uses (web surfing and watching videos). Performance: CPU and GPU both more than fast enough for my uses. No lags running Firefox with 5 tabs showing websites that use javascript heavily. No problem running Netflix. No problem running games like Sims FreePlay and Temple Run 2. As you would expect of a tablet, playing games and watching videos doesn't result in any noticeable increase in the tablet's temperature anywhere on the front or back that I could casually detect. Wireless keyboard: Chiclet keys so I wouldn't try writing a novel with it but it was immediately useful to me when I needed to type in my WiFi network's 64 character password. Light and matches the size of the tablet nicely. Case: Fits the tablet snugly and the cover folds back to either support the tabley lying on its back at a nice incline, or standing it upright. Cons: Sound: The single rear speaker produces fairly mediocre sound, about the same as my old iPad2. In short, a typical tablet speaker. The sound from the headphone jack is fine but if I turn the volume all the way up I can detect some faint interference noises when I make gestures on the screen; probably inadequate shielding. Other Thoughts: Runs Android 4.2.2 which counts as being pretty up-to-date by tablet standards. Came with Adobe Reader, Angry Birds and Netflix already installed. Be sure to update Netflix; that app is very much a work-in-progress on Android. Battery life is in line with their claims of >5 hours. I fully charged the tablet, turned the screen brightness to 100% and watched shows on Netflix until the battery dropped below 10%, which took about 5.5 hours. There was about 13GB of free space on the device when it first booted. There's a TF card slot for adding more storage, and a microUSB slot. A microUSB-to-USB adapter cable is included in the box. Overall, I'm a little amazed at how nice this tablet is considering the price point they're hitting. The tablet+keyboard+case was $189.99 with free shipping (2 day express). It makes me wonder what their Bill of Materials is on this device. For developers: The underlying hardware, the Rockchip 3188 SoC, seems to be a very good implementation of the ARM9 architecture: 28 nm quadcore running at 1.6 GHz. On paper at least, this tablet should have decent longevity. I would expect it to easily handle Android 4.4. VitalAsc doesn't seem to have much presence on the various Android developer community sites, but I hope they decide to actively engage with developers because this tablet seems like a great value for a dev machine, and the RK3188 has a lot of open source support building up behind it. The GPU is a Mali 400 which has the Lima free driver available. I would love to see dual-boot with Linux become a reality for this tablet by the end of the year.

4 stars 2014-02-10 Awesome 8 Inch Tablet by Regina K. (for PRO-ST0812)
This review is from: vitalASC PRO-ST0812-4G 8" ARM A9 1.5Ghz Dual Core, DDR3 1GB, 1024 x 768 TFT, Dual Camera, Multi-Touch Screen and Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) Operating System Pros: Light, fast, easy to use. Purchased for my novice sister. She is rapidly flourishing in her use due to it being very user friendly. The Customer service I received from vendor company is outstanding. The tablet arrived within two business days and when I need another tablet I will most definitely purchase a vitalASC. We love the clear square screen. Very glad I purchased it. Cons: I haven't found any cons yet.

stars 2014-02-07 Awesome! Fast delivery! I'm excited to make good use of my new tablet. by End user (for SStar-ST9001-12G)
Awesome! Fast delivery! I'm excited to make good use of my new tablet.

stars 2014-02-06 A nice Bluetooth keyboard in a classy red color!, by jjceo (for KB10KA-R)
This is a very nice Bluetooth keyboard and it is very stylish with its red color. It uses Bluetooth 3.0 to connect to your tablet or your PC and it can be used up to 33 feet away and still work. (The manual stated the Bluetooth range was 8 meters or about 25 feet.) In my testing it was working about 45 feet away which exceeds the specifications. The keyboard is light weight and very thin and it only weighs 9 ounces It has a rechargeable lithium battery that you can charge with your computer's USB port or with any USB AC wall charger that you own or even with your USB charger in your car. Before you use the keyboard for the first time you should charge it and it may take up to 3 hours to charge for the first time. The LED charge light will turn red while the keyboard is charging and it will go out when it is fully charged. If the battery becomes low the power LED will blink orange to indicate that it is time to recharge the battery. The battery is a rechargeable lithium battery that will last for more than 300 recharge cycles. It has an uninterrupted working time of 140 hours. Don't forget there is a power switch that you can turn off to conserve the battery life. The keyboard features a wireless Bluetooth 3.0 connection to your iPad and the pairing process is fast and easy. I show how to pair it in my video. Just remember that to start the Bluetooth pairing process you have to press the Bluetooth pairing button. I also go over the LEDs and controls on the keyboard in my video. What's in the box? * The keyboard that weighs in at 9 ounces * There is a charging cable that is 40 inches long. There is a USB on one end and a Mini USB on the other end. * A brief instruction manual. The keyboard is very nice and the letter keys and the shift keys are larger than they were on older styles of Bluetooth keyboards. They have made the top row of function keys smaller as well as the arrow keys to allow more space for the keys that you use the most. Remember that the auto capitalization, double space for a period and the auto spell functions do not work when you are using the keyboard as opposed to typing on the iPad's virtual keyboard. The unit comes with a 12 month warranty. This is a very nice keyboard with a lot of features and I rate it as a 5 star item. I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation and I promised to provide a fair and honest review.

stars 2014-01-30 Customer Service by Jan G (for Star-ST9001-20G)
This review is from: vitalASC 9" Android 4.1 Touchscreen Tablet PC with Leather Case and Stand Star-ST9001-20G Pros: Had trouble with one of the vitalASC that I bought. Kevin W contacted me immediately and gave me a RMA number for them to look at. I am pleased that they contacted me and feel confident they will fix my issue. Cons: No cons unless they aren't able to fix it or charge me more.

stars 2014-01-28 vitalASC Bluetooth Keyboard by LJ (for KB10KA-M)
Ordered 1/24/2014; shipped by seller 1/24/2014; received 1/27/2014. Enough of a charge to pair with my Android Tablet after unpacking to test. Great experience.

stars 2014-01-28 Daddy Likes by Steven A (for ST1011-16-KB-CA)
Pros: Quad Core, Android 4.2, 10.1" display, combo bundle has it all. This is my first tablet so it is like your first love. I'm glad I bought this it is very useful and convenient. In fact I'm use it to write this review. I ordered on a Thursday at 7PM and got it Saturday at 4 PM. Not too small, not too large, just right. Cons: I have to pry it out of my wife's hands, she can't get enough of angry birds. I may have to buy another for her. The speaker is weak so if you want to listen to music or watch videos then you will need to supplement with speakers of ear buds maybe blue tooth speakers. The power cord is only three feet long, I wish it were longer but that is solved with an extension cord.. Other Thoughts: The preloaded Netflix app was freezing=up but I updated it and it works perfectly. I install 5 apps that I wanted and so far they all work perfectly.

stars 2014-01-15 Wonderful budget tablet by Katie (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: Functions exactly as advertised. Very fast, sturdy, light, and not bogged down with a bunch of crapware. Cons: Touch screen seems a bit sketchy at times, but that may just be my shaky hands. Other Thoughts: I am really impressed by this device. It functions exactly as advertised and packs a punch for something at this price point - At $70 you expect a tablet to be more or less functional, but not particularly impressive. This one, though, deserves its high marks, and the company was extremely quick to ship it - I received it just two business days. After slogging through budget tablet reviews for hours, I'm very glad that this is the device I settled on.

stars 2014-01-13 great product !!! by Robert P (for Club-ST1011-16G)
Small enough to take along. Light enough to hold. Fast, easy to use, and fun. Just what I was looking for!

stars 2013-12-31 Good Cheap Tablets by End user (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: Cheap, good, plays games, netflix, etc... Everything the kids want to do with them. Got 4 of them, all 4 working great and holding charges. Kids watching netflix and playing all sorts of games from the play store. Cons: Touch sensor could be a little better tuned. Also, it is fast enough, but I notice on some games it doesn't quite stay smooth during playback. Not actually laggy, just not quite as responsive as an ipad or higher end android.Glad we went with the better model/hardware. Other Thoughts: Over all, great buy for a cheap tablet and for kids. Would do it again.

stars 2013-12-30 Great basic Android tablet by Dee (for PRO-ST0812)
This is our first Android tablet. We've had it a little over a month and we love it. Good graphics/screen resolution and it's pretty fast. It was a great purchase. I feel like we got a great value.

stars 2013-12-27 Nice Tablet at a Great Price! by Bob (for PRO-ST0812)
Pros: Sharp display, good wi-fi, quick browser loading, smooth touchscreen action, good streaming video (at least on you tube and HBO go), good quality case. A very good value for the money. I plan to use for business and personal use. Cons: It's not an iPad. Other Thoughts: I did not have any issues connecting to wi-fi as reported by other posters. I am using an Arris router on Xfinity for home wi-fi.

stars 2013-12-12 Great investment by HJK (for KB10KA-S)
Pros: Great little keyboard a lot better than teh on screen fiascos. Would recommend to anyone. Might buy a back up secpond for at work Cons: None yet Other Thoughts: Small and portable, really liked this one fr smart phones, taablets adn phablets. the smaller the device - the bigger the blessing this keyboard is :)

stars 2013-12-10 Good Deal by End user (for PRO-ST0812)
Pros: For $100, you get a good, techically speaking, tablet... Reasonably fast, excellent graphics, useful connectors. Cons: Android OS related WiFi connection problems - DHCP may be, and likely, will be an issue with some networks. I ended up using WiFI Connection Manager, got correct IP settings for tablet to work with my wireless home setup, then assigned static IP with the same settings. Seems to take care of this issue, at least for my home. Other Thoughts: It's not tablet fault that WiFi connection can be a challenge. It's unfortunate Android OS bug. So, not taking any eggs away for this. I guess if WiFi connection is expected to be easy, Windows based tablets is the answer. Otherwise, it's a nice solidly built tablet.

stars 2013-11-27 Good deal overall by joshamtate (for Star9-20G-Case)
Pros: The performance is much faster with dual core processing. Connects to WIFI smoothly. Cons: Battery life should be around 6 hours based on watching Netflix, but only got around 4 hours. Other Thoughts: I like the case that was included and allows full capability to use the front and back cameras. Would recommend it and possible to get another for x-mas gift.

stars 2013-11-27 Very Nice Tablet by Jeff (for ST0812)
Pros: Good Price Nice Case Works Well bought more for Christmas presents! Cons: None

stars 2013-11-19 Exactly what I wanted by End user (for KB10KA-M)
Pros: Cheap, small and light, and good key feel.... and did I say cheap. Cons: None so far. Does exactly what I wanted. Other Thoughts: For under $25 including tax and delivery, couldn't go wrong.

stars 2013-11-14 You don't need to spend that much for a good tablet! by Dreth (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: Cost was very reasonable over all a great deal compared to brand name tablets, RAM of 1G is twice standard and wonderful for response time very little delays, 7" Screen Size nice for holding, Wi-Fi connectivity is great and fairly easy to set-up, 8GB memory very good start and has option for 32gb sd card, Andriod 4.0 is wonderful to work with Cons: Camera - only screen facing Bluetooth - option not available No Stylus Standard battery life about 3 hours None of these was a deal breaker option for me. Other Thoughts: While I was not familiar with the manufacturer, knowing what options are important to you, this tablet was going to be mostly for game apps, you truly can get a great tablet for a reasonable price and this was it for me.

stars 2013-11-01 So far so good by End User (for Star9-20G-Case)
Pros: The first pro for me is the company. About 3 weeks after getting the tablet in, a rep called me to check on the tablet and my experience with it so far. Also left me a call back number in case we ever had problems. For the tablet itself, everything is working about like I expected. We bought this for a 9 year old to play games on and it's run just fine. It was never meant to move worlds with speed or power but for the price there is really nothing to complain about. I have recommended this companies line of tablets to many people and will continue to do so. The case is also pretty nice and protects it pretty well. Cons: It can lag up sometimes on simple flash games but once again, I wasn't expecting anything special for the price. Might want to get something alittle more powerful for multiple games. Other Thoughts: Wish i would have gotten the next model up since it's used for simple gaming by a 9 year old and lags sometimes. I'm not faulting the tablet as much as myself. Great price for what it is.

stars 2013-10-14 5 Eggs by Jeff (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: very versatile and good value does everything i need a tablet to do and is simple to use. i"ve ordered another for my sister as she uses mine all the time! Cons: wish it had a longer battery life is only fault i see! Other Thoughts: would buy again !!

stars 2013-10-10 Nice Case by Communique (for TB-CASE-910-Bro)
Pros: Price. I got this nice leather case for my IPAD 2. it fits perfect and a great stand too. 3 different viewing angles to choose. is nice that I on't have to hold my IPAD all the time now. Cons: No camera hole on the back.

stars 2013-10-08 Awesome tablet! by Seadoosnipe (for Sonic-ST0720)
I've bought 2 of these 7" tablets from this seller. my daughter set a password on hers and forgot it. Being a pretty savvy with computers, I did everything to break the code. It's not like it has an accessible BIOS. I broke down and contacted the supplier,which I hated to do, since previous experience with other sellers was a nightmare. Well, to my surprise, I got a reply the next morning, with instructions on what I needed to do. He had me download "dropbox", then he sent a copy of the Firmware. Lucky it was new, so had nothing to back-up. Followed his instructions and the Tablet was working again within the hour. The seller emailed me two more times to ensure my product was working as it should, and I was very happy to say yes, and will recommend him to my friends, solely on the customer support (that is so hard to find these days!).

stars 2013-10-02 Very good value by Mike S (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: Great tablet for the price. This is my first android and I accidently deleted a background program. I called customer service and they sent me an RMA within the hour. Meanwhile, I figured out my mistake and fixed it myself. But customer service was great, friendly and responsive. Cons: None that I have found yet. I am able to watch live TV, play games and everything else I want to do.

stars 2013-09-30 Good deal by End user (for PRO-ST0812)
Pros: Fast, 1GB and A9 cpu @1.5MHz work great. Vitalasc upgrated shipping for free from 5 to 2 days. We also own the 9001-12 no problems with either device.

stars 2013-09-28 solid customer service by End user (for PRO-ST0812)
Bought 2 tablets from them 9001-12 and 0812. No issues of any kind, worked better than expected and are a good bang for the buck. I will work with them again in the future and will recommend the company and products to others.

stars 2013-09-27 Nice 9'' tablet by cool in AZ (for Star-ST9001-20G)
Pros: great price, quality and features. battery fully charged when received. purchased 2 for 2 novice friends to get started. They are thrilled. customer service (3rd party) is super. Newegg ran smoothly as usual. Cons: none as yet Other Thoughts: would be nice if it had jelly bean 4.2.1. tech says they are working on it. (knew it had 4.1 before purchase)

stars 2013-09-20 vitalASC 9" Android 4.1 touchscreen Tablet by End User (for Star9-20G-Case)
Pros: small and easy to take along almost anywhere, easy to use and do things with, a really good first tablet in my opinion, seems very durable, I would recommend it for kids. Cons: I really haven't found any cons yet.

stars 2013-09-20 5 out of 5 eggs by RJ (for KB10KA-S)
Pros: lightweight, compact, slim profile, easy touch, easy to type--very nice Cons: none so far Other Thoughts: this was a better product than I thought it would be--sturdy construction, solid feel, but still lightweight and compact. I bought this to be able to send a day's volume of email for work from a smartphone. This is easy to slip in a briefcase or portfolio and take along instead of a tablet or laptop. Very functional!

stars 2013-09-20 Excellent Bluetooth Mini Keyboard by slimjim09 (for KB10KA-M)
Pros: Great Bluetooth portable keyboard. It easily pairs with cell phone & Samsung tablet. The battery life last a long time. If you need to do lot of texting, this portable keyboard is the way to go. I use to use a portable roll-up keyboard that plugged in to unit but this keyboard blows it away. Highly recommend. Cons: None.

stars 2013-09-20 5 out of 5 eggs by end user (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: good product love it Cons: had to learn to get it to connect to my hot spot on my phone had to explore to figure it out

stars 2013-09-18 Better than I expected! by Judy Nabors (for Star-ST9001)
For the price, I thought I might receive a cheaply made tablet but after reading some of the reviews I decided to take a chance and I'm glad I did. It's very sleek and does what I purchased it for, which was for pure entertainment (browse, play games, watch movies, etc.) In fact, my husband has taken it over and I may need to buy another one just for myself. I love it. Thanks!

stars 2013-09-16 Excellent for basic usage by Brad C (for SStar-ST9001-12G)
Pros: - Free Case - Durable - Decent Battery life - Excellent for kids games - Great for Basic Crestron & Home Automation usage Cons: see other thoughts as I grabbed this unit for light usage so it’s exactly what I expected Other Thoughts: If you are expecting Samsung S3 speed or faster, make sure the battery is at full charge. This unit is like an older laptop, the more the battery drains the unit tends to slow down and doesn’t offer it’s full potential. I use it for testing Crestron/Extron Units and for my daughters to play their learning games on. Basic usage, if you want awesome blazing speed, this is not for you, but if you are chill with a take anywhere basic and excellently priced unit, I would recommend this unit for you.

stars 2013-09-16 fantastic deal and great device by Robert in Texas (for KB10KA-S)
Pros: - Fantastic price (compared with Best Buy etc) - Super easy to pair and sync's up again with no problem - Nice tactile keyboard - Large backspace key and Enter key - Easy on/off switch Cons: I think the only thing missing would be those little riser tabs that allow you to tilt the keyboard. But honestly so far it hasn't been an issue for me. I use it at my desk or often in my lap where those tabs would be useless. Other Thoughts: I love this keyboard for several reason, the primary reason being it was more than 1/2 the price of other keyboards I looked at. So far it's been awesome. I have paired it with my iPad 3, iPhone 5, and ATV 3 and it syncs up with those seamlessly. I did have to re-establish the pair to my ATV (Apple TV) but I don't know if that was the keyboard or my ATV. The keyboard has a fantastic tactile feel to it and again for the price, I could not be happier. I will likely purchase another one of these just to keep in the living room with my TV. Makes typing and searching for stuff on my ATV so much easier. I have not determined how durable this device is yet. I will know later in the month when I start traveling again - throwing it in and out of my backpack - if I have issues with the durability, I'll be back and repost to that effect. I would recommend this keyboard - with the reservation that I have not tested the durability. But to have it at home or in an environment where it's not getting banged around, I will without hesitation recommend it.

stars 2013-09-13 5 out of 5 eggs by End user (for Star9-20G-Case)
Pros: I love this thing it is so easy to use and so easy to figure out how to do the things I want to do. I don't have another one to compare it to but I don't have a need for another one since this one does what I wanted and more. Cons: I haven't found the cons yet but I will keep looking.

stars 2013-09-10 Excellent for basic usage by Brad C (for SStar-ST9001-12G)
Pros: - Free Case - Durable - Decent Battery life - Excellent for kids games - Great for Basic Crestron & Home Automation usage Cons: see other thoughts as I grabbed this unit for light usage so it’s exactly what I expected Other Thoughts: If you are expecting Samsung S3 speed or faster, make sure the battery is at full charge. This unit is like an older laptop, the more the battery drains the unit tends to slow down and doesn’t offer it’s full potential. I use it for testing Crestron/Extron Units and for my daughters to play their learning games on. Basic usage, if you want awesome blazing speed, this is not for you, but if you are chill with a take anywhere basic and excellently priced unit, I would recommend this unit for you.

stars 2013-09-10 Great and nicely priced by zem (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: I bought this tablet to chiefly to view pdf and ppt files for school so I wouldn't have to carry around my laptop all the time. It functions in this regard perfectly. The internet browser is fantastic too and the wifi has a pretty good range. Charges fast and the battery lasts long. Put in a 32gb micro sd for additional storage. Cons: No cons that come to mind. I bought it with specific purposes in mind and it has not disappointed.

stars 2013-09-04 Awesome! by Robert B. Romero (for Star-ST9001)
To start off, I'd like to say that I don't exactly have low expectations when it comes to technology. I use a desktop workstation/gaming computer with an i5-2500k, HD 7950, 16 gb's of DDR3 memory, 120 SSD, etc... My laptop also uses a dual core i3, 4 gb's of memory, 60 gb SSD and I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 that's been rooted and overclocked. To summarize, I like fast hardware for whatever it is that I am doing. Now, onto the important stuff.... the actual tablet. This is a great tablet. I have no need for having a "cutting edge" tablet, but I wanted something affordable that I could use to read PDF's/e-books for school and doodle around with. I shopped around a lot and this is the best one I found within my price range that didn't have awful reviews. The good: -Awesome price -Has a surprisingly good build quality -Hardly any bloatware -Great for basic use -Excellent customer service The "bad": -Single core processor -800x400 resolution -Haven't figured out a way to root this thing The first two really aren't a con because it's not something that VitalASC tries to hide from you - it's there in plain text when reading the description and, honestly, it performs A LOT better than I was expecting. I would definitely keep background apps to a minimum though. I put Apex Launcher on it and it took a surprisingly big performance hit, so the only thing I really keep running in the background is my mail app, but the biggest fault is definitely the 800x400 resolution on a 9" screen. If you look close up enough, you can actually make out the pixels, but it's not too bad. I would highly suggest EasyEyez to make the screen more tolerable. Simply put, if you need something with a better resolution and faster performance, then get something else. For another $100 I could have gotten a Nexus 7, but that's only three inches bigger than my smart phone and didn't feel like it would be worth it. I feel like I've hounded on this tablet a bit too much, but I really do like it though. I even ended up buying another for my mom as well, who loves it. Also, vitalASC gets a big A+ for their customer service. A few hours after I ordered my tablet on Amazon, Newegg had a special where you get a free case with the same tablet. I emailed VitalASC to see if they would honor it and they gave me no grief. It's a surprisingly nice case too! As a side note to anyone reading this, I would greatly appreciate it if you let me know if you figure out a way to root this thing.

stars 2013-09-04 Great Deal on A Mediocre Tablet by End User (for Star9-20G-Case)
Pros: This is a straight up awesome deal. The tablet has poor sound, and sluggish response. For the short period I have had the tablet it has run reliably and so far all apps work fine. The case that comes with it is also mediocre but a mediocre case for a 9" tablet runs around $20. The sd card is worth some amount that will probably change in a couple of weeks since that's how flash memory is. In my eyes this makes for a very affordable and serviceable 9" tablet. Cons: As stated this is not a great tablet. Sluggish response and poor sound are the biggest issues. I find it unlikely that I will not find other issues as time goes on.

stars 2013-09-04 vitalASC 9-20G Tablet by End User (for Star9-20G-Case)
Pros: Excellent value for the money. Cons: A little sluggish at times. Other Thoughts: This is a great tablet for the money. As has been stated, it can be a little sluggish at times, especially when loading large web pages; just give it a little time and it works fine. Video playback is fine. As with any small device, the sound from the speakers is not great, but using headphones it is fine. For what I needed ( checking email, occasional web searches, viewing photos and videos, etc.) it is great. And with a case and a 16gb SD card thrown in it is an unbeatable value.

stars 2013-09-04 For brother by End User (for Star9-20G-Case)
Pros: bought this for my brother and he is enjoying it. the price i purchase it at was a steal for what it can do. comes with all the cabling you need and i have not even been able to use it. he wont share. Cons: none so far Other Thoughts: a bit slow but you get what you pay for.

stars 2013-08-22 Great tablet. Extraordinary service. by C6pilot (for Star-ST9001)
Pros: This is my first Android device so I can't compare it to others or software versions. A co-worker familiar with Android devices was impressed by the fact it wasn't bogged down with a lot of useless apps. When I told him the price he immediately started writing down the info to check it out later. I like that I can go online with a PC to order apps and the tablet will automatically download them later. That's really useful because tablets browse so much slower and Googles app pages are slow to respond. But the greatest feature by far is the companies support. When I ordered the tablet I also ordered some other items I thought might be useful. I immediately received a call from Kevin inquiring how I was going to use the additional items. He then informed me there were better options and that I didn't need certain things. He helped me change my order, saved me money and a ton of time and aggravation returning the unnecessary items later. Preemptive service?? Really?? Other companies don't even offer sub-par service. Kevin went above and beyond to make sure my first experience with their company was a good one. Cons: The tablet seems to function perfectly but the browsing seems very slow. Since this is my first tablet I have no idea whether it's the tablet or the software holding it back. Page loading just seems to take a long time. However, I'm also reading a lot of pages not intended for Android or tablets so it may just be too many ads etc. The only real problem I haven't gotten resolved yet is the tablet won't connect to a network with a hidden SSID. Kevin was more than happy to forward the issue to their tech support. I have no reason to believe we won't get it figured out. I had a top of the line PDA years ago with the same issue and HP never even bothered to solve it. Other Thoughts: If this tablet holds up it won't be long for me to feel like I got more than my moneys worth. So many people are complaining that their low end tablets are dying after a few months of use. All this tablet needs to do is continue to work and it will be the best deal going. The customer support already puts vitalASC over the top.

stars 2013-08-15 5 Eggs by End User (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: Fast delivery, great tablet. The price is fantastic. Ran the battery down twice as per directions and now get about 4H 20M of running per charge. Put my favorite browser and loaded it with apps and no problems. Accepted keyboard and pointer with no problems. Cons: Screen could be more sensitive to touch but this is minor.

stars 2013-08-08 Great Little Tablet; Amazing Customer Service by Sam (for Star9-20G-Case)
Pros: Great for low-level gaming and apps; Netflix streaming runs smoothly; Price for value is great; Cons: Gets a little laggy when multiple apps are running, but that's to be expected for a tablet with these specifications; Other Thoughts: I purchased this tablet mainly for Netflix streaming and playing simple games (Candy Crush, etc). And for that purpose, it's a great tablet and I've been very happy with it. But beyond the product itself, the customer service was AMAZING. After I placed my order, they actually called me to let me know the price was going to drop later that day, and worked with me to ensure I got the discounted price. What company goes out of their way to do that?! I'll definitely be working with the company in the future. I'm very happy.

stars 2013-08-02 Good Experience by Greta (for Star9-20G-Case)
Pros: Tablet was exactly what I ordered. I was concerned about receiving a defective tablet after reading some of the reviews, but what I received was brand new and sufficient for my mother's casual use. Cons: None Other Thoughts: Kevin in customer service is great! He was professional and courteous. Not many reps say "call me if you have any problems". Realized Android apps are pricier than Apple. Wish Android would wake up and realize they may lose money if they don't lower their prices.

stars 2013-07-22 Who needs big name! by End user (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: Easy to use, easy to see, and fast when it comes to streaming videos! If you are looking for an expensive way of taking your PC with you in the car, or just to carry with you to stay in touch, this is the tablet for you. Cons: None, that is why I just ordered a second one! Other Thoughts: I bought the first one for my 11 year old for Christmas. She loved it; but she set a password for it and rendered it useless. I was frustrated with her because even as a tech wiz, I could not break the password, nor was I able to use it. I contacted the vendor and told him about my problem. Within one day, he had responded, gave me instructions on what to do, sent me everything I needed via "dropbox" and within a few minutes, I had her tablet back in working order. That service by the vendor, along with the style and speed at which this table works, is why I'm purchasing this second table from them. Want a table? Want good support? This is your table!

stars 2013-07-18 75$ Lives up to price by User (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: Price point. I just wanted a tablet to monitor my PC's. Does what it needs to do. Supports most of the play store apps I have. Runs Carmageddon! That always makes me smile. A nice bonus. Again has a good amount of features for the price. Cons: Low res screen, single core CPU. I just listed those because I had to. At this price it's to be expected. Once everything is booted and all your apps are running its not bad. Other Thoughts: Had an issue with mine. Nothing too serious but contacted customer service and they were great. Helped me out with my issue and resolved everything quickly so no worries about customer service.

stars 2013-07-18 Great little table by Legendkiller007 (for Star-ST9001-12G)
Pros: Customer service was and is excellent! Kevin is very willing to help and is most courteous. I highly recommend this tablet and the company. Cons: None at this time Other Thoughts: Great table for the price. My mother is learn how to use a table with out purchase a big dollar unit. Thanks to Kevin and Newegg.

stars 2013-07-08 Nice tablet by Shard66 (for Star9-20G-Case)
Pros: Got this for my wife for web surfing and email access when she didn't want to carry her laptop around with her. She loves it. It has been very reliable, easy to use, and the battery life, for her, has been outstanding. The case is a very nice addition and at this low price it's a definite plus. So far, no issues. The instructions aren't great but if you're familiar with Android devices and other tablets then you should have no trouble at all. It took just a couple of minutes from the moment it was unboxed until she was checking her email on it, updating Facebook, and looking at other apps to download. Cons: None. Other Thoughts: A great price on a nice little Android tablet.

stars 2013-07-02 5 out of 5 eggs by That guy (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: does what it should sd slot came with 2 cables perfect size for mobility Cons: Download speeds are slower when compared to other devices, 37Mbs and faster for smartphone and other laptops in household. This device has never gone above 19Mbs. My router is b/g/n and it seem to stay locked it at slower speeds. Other Thoughts: For the price it does way more then expected. This is the first tablet I have purchased and everyone seems to enjoy it. Should have bought a case at same time because this thing is carried everywhere. Now everyone wants one.

stars 2013-06-30 Great buy by KWHanson (for Star9-20G-Case)
Pros: This tablet is surprisingly fast for 512MB of memory and the touch screen responds well. The graphics are very nice. Jellybean OS is very powerful. Customer service suggested many apps and answered all my questions. I wanted a tablet to be able to clock in and out for work and update work orders through maintenance software my company uses. Apple ipads don't have apps to utilize ADP and my companies intranet. This tablet will also print and transfer files back and forth to my desktop on my wireless home network. If you have G Mail it will also synchronize through google to stay backed up. The battery life is 4-6 hours depending on what you are running Cons: Playing demanding graphical games will cause lag in responsiveness. This is not a con considering the price. You simply need more memory and a faster processor if you plan to play high end games. You get what you pay for. Other Thoughts: This is my first tablet and don't wish to spend the money for an IPAD. after learning more about jellybean, I will understand what apps will take advantage of this little powerhouse. I bought a 32gb micro SD right away to max out the memory. I am excited to learn what I need to take full advantage of this little powerhouse! My wife keeps teasing me because I just can't put it down.

stars 2013-06-24 New Egg only allows 5 eggs. This item deserves 10. by Fryerider (for Star9-20G-Case)
Pros: This item is so fantastic that I hardly have enough words. See the other thoughts below, but it is GREAT!!!! Cons: Doesn't really come with Jelly Beans!! (No cons at all!) Other Thoughts: Last November, on a pre-Christmas Newegg sale, I purchased another brand of tablet, same size and with Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Sadly on June 9th it died. Blank screen; end of life. Fortunately I had been skeptical since they only offered a 90 day warranty, and purchased the extended warranty from Newegg. Sometimes they do pay off. I had bought the original item, which normally sold for $199.99 on a sale for $99.99. And while it worked fine for the main reason I bought it: to read books, it was painfully slow on the internet. So bad that I gave up on EVER using it for that purpose. So I called Newegg the next day, they gave me the number to call for the extended warranty. Those folks told me to ship it to them, emailed me a prepaid shipping label, and then said they would give me a gift card for Newegg for $199.99. I told them that I had only paid $99.99, and the nice lady I spoke to said, “We pay replacement value on your extended warranty no matter what you paid.” WOW! I sure didn’t expect that! So I go on Newegg’s site looking for another 9 inch tablet, and I see all 5 egg reviews for vitalASC’s products. Excited I got their phone number, got a rep on the line, and told him what had happened with my dead tablet. He then told me that their best product to replace what I had was this one; their STAR-ST9001-20G, and that it even came loaded with a 16 GB SD memory chip. He also told me how much faster the Android Jelly Bean was than Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Next he told me that their tablet could not only read flash drives, but could also read portable hard drives! When I heard that I was amazed! So when I got the gift card I used it to order this tablet, and along with it a wonderful Seagate Portable Hard drive, 500GB. And it works! As for this tablet, I was still skeptical that this would be any better on the internet. But it has been amazing! I’m not exaggerating that it is about as fast as my rather costly laptop. I think it would be satisfactory for almost anyone who is bouncing around the net, watching youtube videos, etc. Like the previous tablet, movies and TV are great, but the little speakers aren’t too powerful so I use in ear headphones and the sound is amazing. Along with all of this, the leather case it comes with is very high quality. One more thing that has impressed me is that vitalASC has a one year warranty. This shows me that they believe in and stand by their products, and to me that matters a lot. Now I have to add that I have never used any high end tablets that cost $400 or $500, so I wouldn’t be able to judge the difference. But I am so happy with this that I can’t imagine them being much, if any, better. So if you’re looking for a great 9 inch tablet at a reasonable price that I believe you will really enjoy, order this one. I am Fryerider, and I approve this message.

stars 2013-06-23 Tablet review by Sonic-ST0720 (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: Worked with no issues. The USB converter worked good with my thumb drives. Good for the money would buy one again with no problems. Use it for Skype, books, radio, video, and games so far. Cons: none so far

stars 2013-05-31 Good solid tablet by Happy In Ohio (for Star-ST9001)
Pros: Nice picture when playing videos, expandable storage. Cons: lags at times especially if you tap icons too many times. Won't recharge will on with USB. Other Thoughts: I brought this to do some reading and watch videos. The product was delivered faster than expected. A rep called me within a week of recieving tablet. He wanted to make sure everything was ok with purchase. Don't buy if you are looking for an Ipad, but for the money this little machine does more than enough.

stars 2013-05-31 Great Tablet! by DanKirk (for Star-ST9001)
Pros: Great price. Good quality. Super fast shipping! Cons: No camera on back. Other Thoughts: I bought the vitalASC tablet as a gift for my wife. It was a great deal for a 9" tablet, and came with a very nice case. It is our first android device, and so far it is working great. A representative from vitalASC even called me to inquire about how we liked the tablet, and gave me his number in case we have any questions or issues. I am very happy with this purchase!

4 stars 2013-05-29 Great Entry Level/Budget Tablet by bmm (for Star-ST9001)
Pros: Price Point Screen Response Expandability with added micro sd card Jelly Bean OS Playing Netflix and other videos Size and weight Cons: Single Core 512 memory Response Speed (due to single core and memory size) Screen Resolution (800x480) Lack of a program loading symbol Other Thoughts: For the price I really can't complain about the cons, I knew what I was getting when I purchased this neat little tablet. The response on the touch screen is pretty good but opening programs can be a little slow due to the single core and the memory size. It would have been nice if there was a dynamic symbol (like a hourglass symbol) that shows that the tablet is working on something. If you are looking for a great budget/entry level tablet for surfing the net or sifting through emails this tablet works great. If you are looking for streaming videos this streams well but at a lower video quality due to the lower screen resolution compared to other tablets. If you don't compare this to other pricier tablets that cost 2x-4x more I think that you'll be surprised with this one. I haven't tried the camera but I am quite please with the tablet at the current price point.

stars 2013-05-29 Good 9" Android Jelly Bean Tablet PC by Star-ST9001 (for Star-ST9001)
Pros: Got it around 3 weeks. Pretty Happy and I like the Jelly Bean 4.1. Cons: is not 1024 x 768 resolution.

stars 2013-05-22 It really surprise me by E buyer (for Star-ST9001)
Pros: Last year Xmas I ordered 4 of the 9" for gift and myself. $99 for each with ICS. I returned 2 after 3 weeks. I know 512MB I can't count on too much, but really super slow, specially 2 units keep locking up when watching movies. Friend of mine got a tablet with Jelly Bean 4.1 .... is running great even with only 512MB. I got the ST-9001 the major point because is Jelly Bean 4.1... I got a good deal at $119 with 12GB storage option. Wow ... it really surprises me watching Netflix and others are smooth and great. I gave them 5 star. Cons: None yet.

stars 2013-05-19 Great Tablet! by Dietcokey (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: I bought this as a back up in case my computer went down. Now, I find myself using it more and more. I'd highly recommend this tablet. Cons: It took awhile for me to get used to the touch screen as I have big fingers.

stars 2013-05-18 Sonic-ST0720 by Sonic-ST0720 (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: Start-up Time...quick; Customer Service :). HDMI---> Needs Adapter, yes, quality 1080p and adjustable to 480 720 i and p ;) Buttons are stationary but also has on-screen as well!!! Cons: Doesn't weight much feels like i'll drop it. Press on back side of the screen too hard gives you the lcd effect. Other Thoughts: great deal

stars 2013-05-16 vitalASC Star-ST9001-12G Review by Mike (for Star-ST9001)
Pros: A representative of the company called the day of shipment and told me to contact upon arrival with any problems. They provided a free case and shipment was prompt. Once I received the tablet I was impressed with it. It loaded up fast and was loaded with Play Market, Netflix, Angry Birds, and additional apps. The connection to Wi-Fi was quick with a strong connection. The Netflix app worked with no issues and loaded quickly as well as played the selected movie with no stuttering or bogging down. The tablet feel is good as well as button placement. Camera works but I have not tried it on Skype. Overall flow of browsing apps for selection is quick. The browser loaded in Yahoo and other pages very fast in Android format. I have not tried it on non-android format pages but I do not anticipate an issue. I originally bought this for my wife but will consider getting an additional one for me. Cons: None that I have found. I will need to find a protector screen that fits it but this is not a detractor from the tablet. Other Thoughts: The company has a very good website which can be found with a Google keyword search vitalASC. I was at first worried about the purchase not knowing the brand but the website was very helpful in deciding to buy. The videos are good representations of what to expect from the tablet and the forums are also a good resource.

stars 2013-05-11 Buy This Tablet!!!! by oldrosebud (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: Packed with features the high priced tablets don't offer! Easy to use. Came preloaded with Adobe Flash Player 11. Awesome customer service. Best priced tablet bar none. Cons: Battery runs down fast but that could be that I need to learn how to make certain apps. stop running to extend the life of the battery. Other Thoughts: I am thrilled with this tablet. The day I received it, a customer service representative contacted me and asked if my new tablet was packaged well and if the product worked well. At the time I was still charging it and told him and he gave me his name and phone number and said if I ever needed assistance to contact him. Wow...who gets that kind of excellent service these days. I can't get over the value and how great this 7 inch tablet is working.

stars 2013-05-08 KB10KA-S by KB10KA-S (for KB10KA-S)
Pros: small and light but still has good key feel. Easy set up and bluetooth connection. Cons: None so far Other Thoughts: Seems like a good product for the price

stars 2013-05-04 Good Tablet by Simplex (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: This tablet replaced a 1/2 gb ram Mediasonic which worked ok for reading but not very good at anything else. The VitalASC is fast, and capable of doing Skype and hasn't failed with any programs or apps I have downloaded. Contrary to other reviews, I find the camera good for being .03mp . Cons: I has a difficult time figuring out how to start the camera so Skype would work and when I went up to the forum I didn't get any answers to my questions. HOWEVER, customer service CALLED ME to follow up on the purchase and helped with any issues I was having. Do wish it came with bluetooth, rear camera and cover but hey I didn't pay for an apple. Other Thoughts: Disappointed in Newegg for advertising a "special" price of $89 in one of their email discounts when I bought it then went back to a "non-sale" price of $79. But hey that's my fault for jumping on a "deal"

stars 2013-05-01 Android Tablet by Sonic-ST0720 (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: Performs as expected. It is fast for this type of 7 inch tablet. Cons: None Other Thoughts: I was surprised to be contacted by phone from the company to ask if everything was received in good working condition and if there were any problems. Company concern without a prior complaint is refreshing !

stars 2013-04-30 Great tablet for the price, superb customer service! by BL (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: This device is perfect for my daughter to use and play with. Great customer service and support! Relatively cheap and has HDMI out. The tablet is very responsive and has micro sd card slot to add extra storage. Google play! Cons: None so far

stars 2013-04-22 Good by Phil (for Office-ST0911)
Pros: Good to have around love it Thanks Cons: None

stars 2013-04-22 Great by Toadman (for Speed-ST0916)
Pros: Great to use fun to have Cons: no gps

stars 2013-04-22 Better than the MS Surface Pro KB by da spud (for KB10KA-M)
Pros: Connected immediately to my Surface Pro and has REAL function keys! That was my primary reason for getting this keyboard. Also has Control Keys on both sides of the keyboard (a nice plus). I needed to be able to enter things like Shift-Alt-F2 and that was impossible with the MS (and much more expensive) keyboard. Typing is easy and fast. I like the bit of separation between the keys. This seems to mean fewer finger checks for me. Indicator light lets you know it is turned on and not paired. Cons: Should have bought this KB first and then might not have spent $$$ on the MS one (but that is NOT the keyboard's fault). I looked all over trying to find the other 7 function keys. The writeup on NewEgg says 19 function keys and I only see 12. But 12 is all I as ever looking for. Other Thoughts: I wished the edges of the on/off switch were smooth to allow a finger to slide easily over the switch to turn on or off. I took a razor blade and smoothed them off. I suppose after a couple hundred cycles they would have smoothed out.

stars 2013-03-28 Amazing Epad by Bill (for Speed-ST0916)
have nothing but good things to say about it, fast performance, amazing HD videos, plays netflix, hulu movies, and Utube even played downloaded movies from my son's computer on USB stick. with great quality Pros: works with adobe flash, plays my netflic, hulu, and Crackle, all in HD. can read my books I have in B&N, fast internet connect by router and bluetooth. Is durable, dropped off my bedroom dresser (High)and still works great Cons: wish it had 3g built in , but can purchase 3g dongle for wireless on the run I would recommend this item to a friend.

stars 2013-03-06 Fast, useful., by Robert J. Broughton (for Speed-ST0916)
I like this product because it is fairly fast with the dual core processor. Plus it comes with Google Play so you can download the most apps.

stars 2013-03-04 Awesome!!! by Sonic-ST0720 (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: I was a bit skeptical when I first purchased this for my daughter at Christmas. Only because I had never heard of the seller. It arrived a day earlier than I had been told, which was a plus since it was a Christmas gift. It uses teh Android OS platform, which was my first experience with it. I think I love it more than my daughter. I was surprised how fast and easy it was to set up. Its as fast, if not faster, than the Kindle Fire I bought for my other daughter. Because it was my daughters first tablet, I didn't want to but an expensive one. But to my surprise, its ever bit as fast and reliable as the more expensive ones. I don't think you will be disappointed by this tablet, especially if your on a budget. Cons: None so far Other Thoughts: My daughter set this tablet up with a password. About a week after she did this, she forgot the password. I didn't know she did it, till she came to me about not being able to get into it. I tried, with no luck. I looked on the website for the tablet and found a FAQ's section. My answer wasn't there. So, I signed up and sent customer service the question, thinking I might have to wait for a few days. To my surprise, customer support was very quick on responding. After an email or two, I was sent a download on Firmware and walked through the process to restore my daughters tablet to original factory condition, since there was no way anyone could crack her password. I was really impressed with the care I was given, and treated the way most of us expect a customer is suppose to be treated. I will buy from this company again. The product was A+ and the service was A+. It seems we don't get good customer service anymore, but I give these guys two thumbs up for their support. I'm a very happy customer.

stars 2013-02-28 Great product by Christian C. (for Speed-ST0916)
Pros: Very nice little unit. Great value for the money. Cons: No GPS. Other Thoughts: Super customer service. Kudos to Service Dept. Very helpful and knowledgeable.

stars 2013-02-27 A Nice Bluetooth compact keyboard by John B (for KB10KA-S)
Pros: Compact size and cool designed, recognize HID right away and work with my Win 7, IPAD and Android Smart Phone. I like no battery change hassle, and with power management to make it going longer. Compact and slim. Easy to carry ... A+ Cons: No Black color, but Silver looks great too.

stars 2013-02-25 Good so Far. by winbest (for Center-ST0716)
Pros: just got it.I haven't had it not even a day but so far so good :) Cons: none to talk about SO FAR .

stars 2013-02-23 Sonic-ST0720 by Sonic-ST0720 (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: It's decent tablet with good specs. Cons: None it's better than expected Other Thoughts: It's a great starter at a good price

stars 2013-02-18 VitalASC 9.7 inch Tablet by WillyByte (for Speed-ST0916)
Pros: It turns out if you scour NewEgg for the hidden gems, you can find them! The VitalASC is on of those items that really has all the great features I want in a tablet. I found the processor speed and graphics speed a delight. Dual USBs are just what the techie ordered. I immediately bumped it to +32Gig with a G.Skill class 10 micro SD. The quad graphics processor has handled everything I've thrown at it so far. The 1024x768 is just the right size for my needs, RDP and SSH for managing my servers remotely. The fact that it uses a LiPo battery makes the lightest in its class and it lasts longer then any of the others I've checked into. It lasts all day for me. Ever got stuck in an App with no screen escape or return? I'll never get stuck like that again. This unit has external buttons to back out and/or jump to the home screen! The wide view angle is supurb for multiple viewers. Skip the bulky laptop, I can also take my presentations and put them out on the mini HDMI port. Five eggs for quality craftsmanship, features and durability. Cons: I wish the front camera was in the middle top. Other Thoughts: I'm strongly considering getting one for my son in college.

stars 2013-02-06 Awesome! by Sonic-ST0720 (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: I bought this for my 11 year old for Christmas, mostly because it was inexpensive. At 11 years old, I didn't want to but an expensive tablet just to have her break or lose it. I've been really surprised at it's speed, ease of use, and the power of the Android OS. I have not had anything Android yet, but from this experience, I'm sure I"ll have another. I think I"m getting more use of it than my daughter. With the expandable memory, the possibilities are limitless. Cons: My daughter put a password lock on the tablet and forgot the password. There is no "hint" that most have that will allow you to jog your memory as to what the password is. But, it was still easy to take care of... See other thoughts. Other Thoughts: Because my daughter got locked out, I went to the VitalASC website for information to see what I could do. The website is easy to navigate, but really informative. They have a forum you can join, and look through their FAQ's to find a solution. In my case, I did not find that solution, so I left a post under my topic. Within 24 hours, a member from the service dept replied to my post, gave me a small amount of information, but to protect owners from theft, I had to register my tablet. After that, I was given links with all the instructions and files to re-install the firmware and get my table back up and running. For that, I give the company and their customer service department 5 EGGS!!!.. I have never bought anything from Newegg, where I got answers from customer service departments, with the speed and genuine concern that I got from the tech who helped me at Vital. Way to go you guys, keep up the good work. Great tablet, great customer service, but best of all, great prices!!!!

stars 2013-01-26 Great Little Tablet by Sonic-ST0720 (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: Inexpensive, HDMI out, Google Play. However, biggest pro is the customer service from VitalASC. Ordered this right before Christmas and our address is funky, and it didn't ship. Called the number, the phone got answered by a real person, the product got shipped ASAP, and a Merry Christmas was had by all. Would not hesitate to get another product from them. Cons: None yet.

stars 2013-01-24 Fast by Tel (for Speed-ST0916)
Pros: This unit is fast and responsive. No problems configuring the wireless, mkv movie files playback wonderfully and webpages present quickly. Cons: The rear facing camera seems a bit dim compared to the one on the front.

4 stars 2013-01-23 Love it! by Tiabethy (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: Feels like its built well, fast, great picture, & has GOOGLE PLAY! Great customer service! Cons: None really. Other Thoughts: Works great with everything except Solitaire Deluxe which is one of my paid apps of course. I just play it on my phone instead. It does work with Titanium Backup which my others didn't. All in all I would recommend this. Oh & I had a question before I ever got it so I sent an email & service dept called me to answer it instead of emailing back. Very good customer service!

stars 2013-01-14 Lots of fun by Jim (for Office-ST0911)
Pros: Great product Have had a lot of fun with this best thing i have bought for a while. Cons: No bluetooth

stars 2013-01-12 Great tablet ! by Chris S (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: GOOGLE PLAY STORE ! Great battery life Cons: none Other Thoughts: This tablet is great for the money, dont let the unknown company throw you off. They have great customer service! I own an asus transformer and bought 2 of these for my kids, they love them. No cons about this tablet.

4 stars 2013-01-11 OFFICE-ST0911 by OFFICE-ST0911 (for Office-ST0911)
Pros: This tablet works good,would recommend it Cons: Service support was outstanding.

stars 2013-01-11 Good Deal by VectorZ (for Speed-ST0916)
Pros: Uses dual core 1.6GHz RK3066 ARM CPU with Quad Mali 400. Very responsive in boot up and shutdown. Running Dead Finder 3D FPS game with no hesitation. Loaded other 3D FPS games all are running great. Came with 1GB system memory, 16GB internal storage and a 16GB SDHC stick in slot. Cons: Noticed a spot on screen that is a little brighter than rest but not complaining due to price or knocking an egg for it. Don't notice it on screen after booting or while running apps or games. Didn't come with Android 4.1 (Jellybean) but hoping and wishing. Other Thoughts: It came with a 16GB SDHC loaded in slot but ordered a 32GB SDHC stick to go in unit for 48GB total of storage. I've done a lot of research and this is for the price of $250 the best bang for the buck. Out performs most dual cores out there. Battery life last about 6-7 hours depending what you are doing. Quick delivery, got it in 2 days standard ground. I've been a long time Newegg customer (since 2002) and have never been disappointed. Now whole family wants one and I have a hard time getting mine back, this is a good sign LOL.

stars 2013-01-09 Over the top Service by Dennis (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: Fast Processor, good sensitivity to touch on screen. Bright display. Looks and performs like a tablet costing twice this price. Had to RMA for 1 issue and the Customer Service was phenomenal. My rep called immediately when he found that I had an issue with my tablet. The Company Service rep called me about 5 times to help me with the RMA process and afterward to explain the Service Department Results. I've never have experienced service this good. I have an iTouch and compare the functionality to my Apple product. It is just about as good with the exception listed in the Cons below. Cons: Inferior camera. I purchased this unit to Skype my family and was saddened to find that it requires a good bit of light. I was accustomed to the picture quality and light requirements of my iTouch. This one is very dark. I thought it was defective so RMA'd it. Once the Service Department received it and tested it, they said it was functioning normally. They lab tested it using standard flourescent overhead lighting in a work environment. I, however, don't live in an office building and both my family and I are accustomed to having lamp lighting on. So, as long as you have a good bit of light, this unit should suffice. If not, then maybe this isn't the right product for you. Other Thoughts: I believe that for the price, this deserves a 5 egg rating. I paid just over $100 for it. I paid $250 for my iTouch a couple of years ago. So, maybe I'm being unfair to compare these two. I was shocked at how great their Service Department was. I gave my first review and received a phone call from them when I got home that same day. They really feel strongly in their product and want to insure that you are happy. Would I buy another one. Definately!

stars 2013-01-01 Grand Kids are happy by Jim (for Sonic-ST0720)
Bought 2 of these for my Grand Kids and they are really having a ball with them...

stars 2012-12-28 Great Tablet by Pete (for Office-ST0911)
Pros: I purchased the ST0911 tablet for my son and he loves it. I personally have not had much experience with tablets or the Android OS. After a few days of playing around with this tablet I must say that i am impressed. The screen picture quality is very good. Apps load very quickly. The sound quality is about what i would expect from something with such small speakers. If you are going to listen too music on it i would recommend a set of earbuds or normal headphones. The wireless connection has worked perfectly, reception seems to be pretty good. The specs on this tablet are very good for its price range and i think it is worth every dollar. I did have one issue with the firmware, but i called vitalASC's service dept and they had me fixed up in no time. Cons: None at this time. Other Thoughts: I was very impressed with the service i received when i called vitalASC. It is hard to even talk with a human at most of the places you call. This was a pleasant surprise. A+++ Service.

stars 2012-12-28 New Egg and by Peggy (for Sonic-ST0720)
I bought the vitalASC Android tablet and the power switch stuck. New Egg immediately addressed the problem and provided me with the information to rectify the situation. The people at usasunrex are phenomenal! I emailed them with my request for help and within the hour they had emailed me and called me. They were extremely helpful and more than willing to rectify any problem return shipping free as well. Thank you New Egg and a very special thank you to usasunrex!

stars 2012-12-27 Great Seller by kcfan58 (for Sonic-ST0720)
This company is great to deal with, called me about a question I had and shipped the item quickly.

stars 2012-12-26 a decent 9.7” tablet by Hugh (for Speed-ST0916)
Pros: Great tablet for my daily on line works , with A+ speed . Cons: really cool for the bottom , should have leather case . Other Thoughts: Overall . it ‘s a decent tablet .

stars 2012-12-26 Speed-ST0916 by 2Rivers (for Speed-ST0916)
Pros: After purchasing and returning several Android tablets because of complete dissatisfaction, I finally found a winner. This tablet has the memory, speed, power and features that I've been searching for. Tech support is always available. Thank you!!! Cons: The only con for this tablet applies to all Android tablets; There's no way to sync Outlook calendars and contacts.

stars 2012-12-21 Nice Seller by Mynagan (for Sonic-ST0720)
Personally called and confirmed my weird address to be sure it arrived on time. thumbs up

stars 2012-12-16 Office-ST0911 Great 1st Tablet! by David Loves Sandy (for Office-ST0911)
Pros: Great Price, awesome features, light weight, ease of use, company that stands behind their product, wonderful value, better than average picture quality, responsive touch screen, good speed not what I would call fast but far from slow and faster than I expected, very fun and useful for my needs, don't get caught up on the model number "Office-ST0911" as this is perfect for work or play, 1.2GHz is actually boosted up to 1.5 GHz, 3D Accelerator,VPU:2160P* Hardware Decoding, 3D HDMI Video Output, Battery life is fairly good but I think I need to learn how to close apps when not using and I heard the more you discharge and recharge this battery the better it performs. Cons: Nothing! This is a great 1st tablet for anyone. Other Thoughts: I have owned and used laptops and desktop computers for well over 20 years now and this is my first tablet. After a few days of messing around with it I can see why people like them and would recommend this one without any reservations.

stars 2012-12-14 Love this tablet by Steelbuilt (for Office-ST0911)
Pros: Able to do everything an iPad does but cheaper fast processor great screen Love This thing. great customer service great company. Cons: No Blu tooth

stars 2012-12-14 Wonderful Tablet by Fly fisher (for Office-ST0911)
Pros: Do not hesitate buy this tablet you will not be sorry great price lots of features great people to deal with Thanks for a great product. Cons: None

stars 2012-12-13 Quite Good by R Hawtrey (for Speed-ST0916)
Pros: I spend $250 to get the speed-ST0916 with 32GB. It really amazes me. I thought I got a IPAD because the outside looks identical to the IPAD, is built slim, solid and light weight. The performance is way over my expectations. Like the screen and touch pad. Also with the dual core processor is blazing fast for using apps, web browser. Cons: The bottom of the case is really cold because is aluminum. No leather case is included. Other Thoughts: In general I am happy that I got this tablet. I spend $250 but feel like I got something similar to the IPAD.

stars 2012-12-13 Great Tabby for the Price by Farley318 (for Sonic-ST0720)
Pros: It is a value priced tablet that comes with Google Play.... What else can I say. I only tested a few apps before it was taken from me to be wrapped for Xmas, but I can say it played Netflix without a hiccup and played Angry Birds Star Wars too. Cons: Single core, though it is overclocked which makes up for most of that. I has somewhat poor viewing angles when in portrait view, but in landscape it is as good as any other tabby (most people will use this view for most applications) Other Thoughts: I think over all this device is a solid cut above any of those bargin tablets that were pushed on the consumers during black friday. Most of those under 100 dollar tablets do not have Google Play so getting applications to work is a true hassle. Save yourself some grief and green and get one of these. And if 8gigs isnt enough pop in a 15 dollar 32 Gig micro SD card and go to 40 Gigs!

stars 2012-12-06 Just what I was looking for. Long battery life! by Tom (for Smart-ST0719)
Pros: When it is charged the battery lasts for a long time! Cons: The tablet needs a super long time to charge! From 15% power to 86% power took 7 hours on the charger with no use. I would recommend this item to a friend.

stars 2012-12-05 Great priced item by Brm (for Smart-ST0719)
Pros: price and customer service Cons: Start up instructions a little vague I would recommend this item to a friend.

stars 2012-11-29 Not an iPad, but who cares? by fishybell (for Office-ST0911)
Pros: Absolutely brilliant screen. IPS is the way to go. The price is fantastic, as well is the speed of the processor. If you are comparing this to an iPad (which it looks almost identical to at first glance) there are ups and downs. It is lighter, but has a plastic back instead of a metal one. It has two cameras, front and back, but they are placed on the landscape edge rather than the portrait edge. It has usb (client and host) plugs (through included adapter), a mini-HDMI port, and an external micro-sd car slot. In a lot of ways it is much better than an iPad, but in some minor ways the "it's not exactly the same," can be slightly annoying, if that kind of thing annoys you. Bottom line: if you were to get your grandma a tablet for Christmas, get her this one, and your mom one as well, instead of buying a single iPad. Cons: Somewhat slower than average touchscreen response combined with somewhat grippier screen equals harder to play games on. This does not detract from Netflix watching, internet browsing, and general use. Other Thoughts: Hulu doesn't work, but this is Hulu's fault, not the tablet's fault. It would be nice if the usb port were micro instead of mini, but it comes with the necessary cables.

stars 2012-11-29 Very Nice Tablet by Fred (for Office-ST0911)
Pros: Great screen Netflix works great with right app fast great deal for the money. Cons: No Bluetooth

stars 2012-11-13 Decent Tablet by Harvey (for Office-ST0911)
Pros: I got this unit around 2 months ago. All functions are running just great. The touch screen’s response is smooth and fast. Playing Netflix works flawlessly. Cons: No GPS. Other Thoughts: Will recommend others friend .

stars 2012-11-08 Bang for the Buck by Dan (for Office-ST0911)
Pros: Did a lot of comparison research and this tablet has the most overall features for the price. Great price when you compare this to an iPad! I've been wanting to learn the Android OS. My wife is going to love this thing! Cons: none

stars 2012-10-28 vitalASC-16G by etb427 (for Smart-ST0719)
Pros: worked flawlessly out of the box. surfing in no time, will get another one. Cons: could use better speakers.

stars 2012-10-24 Greatest tablet around by Regulartechguy (for Office-ST0911)
Pros: Very wonderful tablet long battery life service department is great very accommodating they will take care of any problem you might have. Netflix works great for me as long as you have the right app. Thank you to the company for such a good product . Cons: None Other Thoughts: Don't even hesitate to buy this tablet it is a great deal.

4 stars 2012-10-22 Nice Tablet by Trekkie888 (for Smart-ST0719)
Nice 7 inch tablet for the money. Bought it for my mom and so far it's running great. Worked right out of the box. No problems connecting the unit with internet, e-mail and Google Play Store. Apps loaded and played with no problems. Angry Birds plays smoothly, Netflix and YouTube video quality was just OK, not great, but I expected it for the price I paid. Pros: Price, Capacitive touch screen, mini HDMI, design, Android 4.0, 8GB Rom Storage and battery life. Cons: Low pixel front camera, thin plastic back cover, name, and 512MB DDR3 memory. I would recommend this item to a friend.

stars 2012-10-20 Great!! by J. Ratcliffe (for Smart-ST0719)
I love this Android Pros: Everything!! I would recommend this item to a friend.

stars 2012-10-19 great tablet by Skip (for Office-ST0911)
Pros: Very fast Nice screen good battery life best tablet out there. Cons: None

stars 2012-10-16 vitalASC OFFICE-ST0911 by vitalASC OFFICE-ST0911 (for OFFICE-ST0911)
Pros: Feels solid. Looks nice. Low price. Good battery life. Android 4.0 Google Play Store. Cons: None Other Thoughts: This is my first tablet. I own a laptop, smartphone and desktop PC so I could never justify paying the high price commanded by the IPad or Samsung tablets. I noticed this one on sale at a decent price with decent specs. I decided to give it a try. I've been very pleased with this tablet. It's built well, looks great, and has done everything I've asked it to. So I don't feel I'm missing out by not having bought one of the big name tablets. I had no problem finding an affordable case that works with this tablet. The size is comparable with the IPad and IPad 2 and there are plenty of non brand cases that will work.

stars 2012-10-12 Over My Expectations by Mindosia (for OFFICE-ST0911)
Pros: I am pleased to have purchased the ST0911-16GB Tablet from VitalASC. This tablet is truly amazing with a stunning 9.7" IPS 10P touch screen. With a fast 1.2Ghz CPU, I am able to run my favorite apps, stream videos on Netflix and run Skype. Wifi network speed is smooth. Tablet is pretty light and thin. This is my portable office I can take with me on the go. I highly recommend this tablet. Cons: No Carrying Case.

stars 2012-10-10 Wonderful Tablet by vitalASC OFFICE-ST0911 (for OFFICE-ST0911)
Pros: Very fast great deal for the money I love this tablet great screen will run anything. Cons: None

stars 2012-10-03 vitalASC-CLUB-ST1010 by Geekette (for CLUB-ST1010)
This is a great tablet! It is value priced and feature packed. I would reccomend this item to anyone for what tablets can be used for. The number of apps ease of use function and price point make this a no-brainer.

stars 10/01/2012 Great tablet for the $ by Miss Matty (for CLUB-ST1010)
Pros: Incredible price point, sturdy and well-made. Nice glass, Android 4.0, excellent response Cons: A tad heavy Other Thoughts: At this price point, I wasn't expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this tablet. For the price of a 7-inch, you get a 10-inch which really makes a difference.

stars 09/30/2012 THIS IS A GREAT PRODUCT by vitalASC OFFICE-ST0911 (for OFFICE-ST0911)
Pros: Very nice screen long battery life I love this thing best deal around fast shipping don't know anywhere you will find a better deal on a tablet very good company and alot of pride in what they sell. Cons: None

stars 09/29/2012 Works Great by Triston Phillip (for SMART-ST0719)
good interface ,good quality camera responsive touch screen good battery life I would recommend this item to a friend.

stars 09/27/2012 Well Worth A Look by John Crowson (for SMART-ST0719)
For the price a good first tablet. I was able to load apps from most sties without any problems. The touch screen is very responsive. The size and battery life are a plus. It's a good back up for my Ipad and allows be to try out android apps. I use it to read as my bedside reader to get in a few chapters before sleep. Pros: Price Size is great. Battery life is OK. Touch screen is more responsive than I thought it would be. Cons: Processor speed Screen resolution I would recommend this item to a friend.

stars 09/26/2012 great tablet by onecantoo (for SMART-ST0719)
Pros: This is the perfect tablet if you are in a budget , afordable, well built, looks nice. And best of all, It works great!!! For the price you pay for this gadget it deserves nothing but a solid 5 star rating. Not just because it is afordable, but because it does what is meant to do Cons: Battery life could be better, and it is not a HD screen , now I have not connected it to my HD tv, but I do believe it does output 1080p through the Hdmi port Other Thoughts: I spoke with one of the ASC reps on the phone an the costumer service seems outstanding

stars 09/25/2012 Easy to use by vitalASC OFFICE-ST0911 (for OFFICE-ST0911)
Pros: ST0911 works very well with Synology NAS APP: DS audio, DS cam, DS photo+, DS file. Cons: none

stars 09/24/2012 Amazing Tablet by st0719 (for SMART-ST0719)
Pros: Very load times. No problem streaming videos, netflix, directv, hbo. Very thin and not bulky. Holds a 3-4 hr charge. hdmi port a nice feature. Most tablets for this price range do not offer hdmi! Cons: Needs a touch screen calibration app. Loses power quickly when under 20%. I was informed that they would send out an update asap to fix this little inconvenience. Other Thoughts: Very satisfied with this tablet!

stars 09/21/2012 vitalASC CENTER-ST0716 by bdc (for CENTER-ST0716)
Pros: I have had this tablet since May 2012. Good decent tablet for the price. Good battery life, better than my netbook. Unlike one review, I find that Netflix works well. Important to view Netflix with "good" or "better" resolution and it works fine as "best" tends to freeze. You have to go into your Netflix account settings to adjust it. Streaming video resolution is very clear at 800 X 480. Google Play store comes installed.This is not an ipad, so don't compare apples to oranges. You aren't paying the higher price of an ipad either. Tech support is excellent and very helpful. Hard to find this support from similar competitors. Cons: Sometimes it may be a little slow connecting online, but it depends how far away you are from your wifi connection or the strength.

4 stars 09/20/2012 Good Tablet - As described by dc (for OFFICE-ST0911)
Pros: Does everything the specs said it would. Great price, and VitalASC even called 3 days after I received it to see if I was satisfied. Don't know how they can afford that for a $200 tablet, but I was impressed. Cons: Wireless not as good reception as a laptop, but I think that's typical for tablets, based on what I've read. Also, there is no "suggestion" as is typical with Newegg as to what cover to buy for this tablet. Other Thoughts: I have computers all over the place on my home network, and smart phones, but this was my first tablet (never saw the need for one). Needed to learn the ropes of using this as a desktop versus a mobile device (Firefly), and that was a bit frustrating, but that would be the same for any tablet. I need to find a cover to protect this for when I fly.

stars 09/17/2012 Great 9.7" IPS Tablet by mingster (for ST0911-16GB)
Once again I am please to purchase the ST0911-16GB tablet from vitalASC. I am already very Happy with their professional and courteous Sales and Service dept. always get a friendly and knowledgeable staff. This tablet is truly amazing with a stunning 9.7" IPS 10P touch screen. A fast 1.2Ghz CPU, Can run all my favorite apps and lots of space for documents, pictures, videos / Netflix . The built in front webcam is great for Skype. The built in WIFI 802.11 b/g/n allows me to connect to the web and check email via WIFI network or public hot spots. Is so light and thin. Is my portable office I can take with me on the go. Much easier to manage and carry then a laptop. Watching online videos is great. I highly recommend this tablet. Get one and you will enjoy it as much as I do.

stars 09/15/2012 vitalASC CENTER-ST0716 by (for CENTER-ST0716)
Pros: The features that are included in this tablet for the price are excellent. I got this for my 15 year old daughter who is visually impaired and also has some intellectual disabilities and it has been fairly easy to set up for her and easy for her to use. It is convenient for her to use alone as a tablet - easy to bring places and easy for her to play a variety of learning games on it. The usb allows her to use a keyboard and mouse if she wants, and it allows transfer of files with a flash drive. The hdmi allows us to connect to the tv so she can see a larger screen if she is typing something for school or simply wants to see the screen better. The support has been excellent. I cannot remember any other time where a company has called me to check on the delivery of a product and confirm that all was well. And when I had some questions, they were prompt with responses. Excellent customer service! Cons: No bluetooth. I would have preferred to have a bluetooth keyboard for her to use, but reality is, the usb keyboard is cheaper and it has been working fine (although a little less convenient). There are a few apps that I wanted to install for her that would not work correctly, but it was no problem to find other apps that serve the same purpose and work properly. It is slower than my tablet, but, if you're willing to wait a little longer for things to load, it is an excellent product for the price.

stars 09/14/2012 great tablet! by (for OFFICE-ST0911)
Great deal for the money.

stars 09/14/2012 Awesome Tablet! by William Nangauta (for CENTER-ST0716)
Pros: I was skeptical of what I would recieve as the price was really low. All I have to say that after using it for a week, my wife and I don't see buying an overated ipad. The 2 probably do almost the same thing but you pay hundreds more for Apple's ipad. I really like the responsiveness of this tablet's screen, not to mention the speedy wi-fi. It came with Android Ice Cream which was another selling point. Works with Kindle, Kindle MP3, Google Play and many other apps. If you buy this now, Netflix should be working on an update for the Ice Cream OS soon, as eventually everything will be ported towards that new OS. Graphics Playback was very good without any problems, with all games that we tried. Sound quality was nice and also the possibility of adding extra memory with its SDHC card input. Cons: Netflix doesn't work yet, but that's not the manufacturers fault..., just Netflix. I can't think of any other. Other Thoughts: You are backed from NewEgg should you don't like it, but I think you will.

stars 09/12/2012 LOVE LOVE LOVE by Sheila (for CLUB-ST1010)
I was not expecting to love this as much as I do. It's beautiful and so handy. I take the bus for an hour each way to work, and having this has made me look forward to my commute. I had a question for the seller and they returned my call and answered my question same day...I would happily buy from them again.. LOVE LOVE LOVE my tablet

stars 09/01/2012 A Great Price for a Good Tablet by Dennis A. Perkins (for CENTER-ST0716)
I have had this tablet for a few weeks now and I must say I'm quite impressed. This was my first tablet purchase and I was concerned about it not being a brand name. It had a few good reviews and the price was right so I took a chance. The tablet came quickly and was well packaged. I purchased a 32gb MicroSD card and a case with the tablet and the tablet arrived before the other two items did. It feels quite solid and once charged it booted up quickly. When I received the MicroSD card it mounted the card with no problem. I connected the tablet to my PC using the provided USB cable and was able to add and remove files from and to the tablet and MicroSD cards as needed. You have to select the USB symbol on the tablet and turn on USB storage to do this, but once you figure that out it works fine. The User Manual is pretty small so if you like to have a detailed manual that steps you through everything this one may not be for you. One of the first apps I downloaded was the Netflix app. I loaded the app, put in my credentials and was watching a movie within a few minutes. The movie looked really good on the 800X480 resolution screen. I started downloading other apps and one of the cooler apps I downloaded was a Koi Free app that makes your wallpaper look like you are looking down into a tank of Koi fish. when you touch the screen near one of the fish the water ripples and the fish scurries away. It is pretty cool and I think it only works with the later version of Android like the 4.0. I loaded some games for my 4yr old nephew, but he liked playing with the Koi fish as much as some of the games I loaded. I have loaded several apps and so far everything seems to work fine. The tablet could be a little faster on loading some of the apps, but for the money I really can't complain. The only slightly negative I have to say about this tablet is that the volume button seems to work backwards from how you would expect it to. When the button is on the top the volume up is to the left and down is to the right. When is is sitting vertical I guess that it is more normal so I guess it is just a matter of perspective and it is easy enough to get used to. All in all I'm very happy with this purchase. A great price for a good tablet.

stars 08/29/2012 by bdc (for CENTER-ST0716)
I have had this tablet since May 2012. Good decent tablet for the price. Good battery life, better than my netbook. Netflix works well. Google play comes installed. Important to view Netflix with good, better, but not best resolution and it works fine. Best tends to freeze. Streaming video resolution is decent. This is not an ipad, so don't get critical comparing apples to oranges. You are'nt paying the higher price of an ipad either. Tech support is excellent and very helpful. Hard to find this support from similar competitors.

stars 08/28/2012 Love This Product! by William (for CENTER-ST0716)
After charging the battery overnite, I grabbed the tablet while I took wife to interview. I was able to get online right away, and was downloading all kinds of fun apps in a matter of minutes. This is my new favorite toy. Am ordering one for wife today. Excellent battery life, great response from touch screen, easy to use, even for the computer challenged like me. Recommended!!

stars 08/17/2012 quality tablet! by (for CENTER-ST0716)
Pros: Links easily to wifi, high quality video playback, and really easy to operate, a great buy under $200! Cons: Nothing currently...

stars 08/15/2012 great tablet! by Paul Gruber (for Center-ST0716)
This tablet is great! The screen is very responsive and the processing speed is fast. I noticed it does perform better when an external microsd card is installed. I wanted something that could stream amazon instant video, but didn't want to buy another bluray player. I was considering logitech revue w/google tv, but for the money this was a better choice (for me). I also bought a logitech k400 keyboard with built in track pad. Basically I can now surf the net on my 42" hdtv, play Netflix, amazon, project free tv, and probably more that I don't even know about.

stars 08/13/2012 by Paul G (for Center-ST0716)
fast shipping (as always)

stars by (for Speed-ST0916)

stars by (for 0912)

stars by (for st0912)

stars by (for vitalhot921)

stars A Windows 10 Bargain 2in1 by Grunt (for JME 2in1 10)
After searching the web for a 2in1 tablet with MS Windows 10 and expandable memory I purchased this tablet because it has no peer as far as value for the price paid. It was configured with the same chipset as it's more expensive mainstream competitors and has a screen resolution that exceeds the majority of competing manufacturers using Windows. (Most of those offer the 8.1 version). The finish is excellent and the keyboard solidly built. It should prove a versatile work horse for those seeking mobility and the creative productivity Windows 10 offers. The free upgrade to 2Day USPS was a considerate and unexpected bonus.

stars Computer Love by Cristina Fichte (for 0912)
Gift for my daughter. She loves i

stars Computer Love by Cristina Fichte (for 0912)
Gift for my daughter. She loves i

stars Great Company Great service by phrancis (for 0912)
Recieved my tablets and they were having issues updating windows 10. Tech guy Kevin called and we did a few hours of text support to fix the issues, he sent me a firmaware, and even prayed with me he was AWESOME! Everything is working for my staff and parents to login at my daycares and Kevin even followed up again today to assure I was happy. Great Company Great service

stars Great Company Great service by phrancis (for JME512)
Recieved my tablets and they were having issues updating windows 10. Tech guy Kevin called and we did a few hours of text support to fix the issues, he sent me a firmaware, and even prayed with me he was AWESOME! Everything is working for my staff and parents to login at my daycares and Kevin even followed up again today to assure I was happy. Great Company Great service

stars by (for EPL002 USI Chromebook Stylus )

4 stars 8/7/2012 Very happy by THM (for Center-ST0716)
The 7 inch vitalASC Android 4.0 Tablet capacitive Multitouch, 1.2Ghz, 8GB (Center-ST0716-8) is a very nice Android 4.0 tablet. As shown in the product description images, this tablet has the physical home/escape/menu buttons on the face which are not required for Android 4.0 since there are soft buttons on screen, so this demonstrates the tablet's origins in Android 2.3. From an esthetic point-of-view, the physical buttons add (strictly) unnecessary length to the device, but having them there does not detract from the device in any practical way.

The interface is pretty snappy; YouTube and Angry Birds play smoothly.

Two things I wanted to note: 1) it came with a screen protector pre-installed (don't know why), and 2) there is 1.15GB dedicated to the OS partition. The Product Description suggests only 512MB would be available for the OS, so I was pleasantly surprised by the extra space. Since the OS partition is carved from the 8GB memory card, the extra OS space is reduces the remaining space for other files such as music, video, etc.

At 13.4 ounces it weighs a little less than the Kindle Fire and a little more than the Google Nexus 7.

I bought this device 6 weeks ago when the price was higher (by about 15%) than it is today. The reduced price makes it an even better deal.

stars 8/7/2012 by CW (for Center-ST0716)
I really love my little tablet. Nice multi-touch capacitive screen that is very responsive and as good as any Android screen I have seen. I've had mine for a while so it didn't ship with 4.0 but I called their technical support and was instantly helped. Kevin was nice enough to talk me through the upgrade to 4.0 now the tablet works even better! Runs Google Play for App downloading. Works great for playing movies for the kids. With 8 internal + 8GB of SD storage it can hold quit a few movies. Add some games and the kids love it in the car. Much better than a DVD player. It might not be quite as fast as a $500 tablet but it's close and you really can't go wrong at this price.

4 stars 8/7/2012 by ccarlos (for Center-ST0716)
Received in good condition and within the time period specified. Very satisfied with performance considering the cost.I know they disclosed that there is no cover but .. I still wish someone would manufacture a cover or some protection or stand for the unit.

4 stars 8/4/2012 by Gothpunk (for Center-ST0716)
Pros: Comes with Google Play, the battery life is pretty good (lasted at least 6 hours of continuous use with browsing, skype for a couple hours, and a few angry birds games, and still going). Build quality seems well enough. The broken english in the users guide provided some good laughs. Touch screen is responsive. Wife said the earphone quality has is good though we have some nice earphones.
Cons: Only 512MB RAM. If it was 1GB then it'd be a little smoother though I haven't noticed too much lag on the device. Angry birds does have a few hiccups here and there. It feels heavy after holding it for a while, though there are tabs out there that weigh more.
Other thoughts: This would be great for someone that just wants a tab. I had very low expectations, and my wife thought it would be a total piece of junk, but after playing with it for a bit, it wasn't bad at all. The graphics processor is alright, don't expect completely smooth performance all the time in games, if you play them. I didn't have any hiccups in videos except for netflix being lame.
Push button response is slow. You have to press and hold the button for a moment before it registers. It may be for ease of use so that if you accidentally graze the button, you don't lose everything you're doing. Person who put the screen protector on it at the factory did a horrible job. I see every little spec of dust on there although there's only one that's in the viewing area. Then again, I have destroyed well over 20 screen protectors through the life of my smartphones because I nerdrage over dust and lint.
All in all this tab was a good buy if you're in the market for a cheap device. I just wanted to get one to appease my wifes want for a tab, and it's done that. She wanted a Samsung Tab 2 and I didn't want to pay for it. This is a good replacement, for the price. :)

stars 7/31/2012 by Lee B (for Center-ST0716)
Cons first.... um 512mb memory. maybe. and zagg probably won't have this in stock. also the internal memory is confusing. it's split into different parts the tablet so one is 1.15 gb and the other is somewhere between 5-6gb and some programs recognize that 2nd part as the SD card. So stick as much as you want in the device and it won't matter.
Pro's? PRICE vs performance. Yeah it's not for playing hi def games you have never heard of. For beginners I'd highly recommend this one. Forgo the FedEx shipping though. Slow and did a nice bang up job to the box and a LiPo battery just hates that. Maybe the screen could be brighter but the touch is 50 % better than the $400 Samsung Tab 2 10.1. which just is horrid. And also beats the Tab 2 on battery. Charging and discharging :P But there's several free apps here although it doesn't show up at first. Hardly any bloatware and seems like it's just stock android 4.0 which is a good thing. Samsung basically modified it. so it

stars 7/25/2012 by Alison A (for Center-ST0716)
I bought this online for my Fiance because it was a fantastic deal. My customer support team told me good things about the tablet too. We got it on time and at first it was having some glitches but now it is working just great. He loves it!! I contacted Kevin at VitalASC and he was super nice and helpful. He was able to walk me through and resolve the problem. The problems are gone now. I am buying another one today 7/25/12 for my son. Thanks to Tony Tu my right hand man for all the help and support.

stars 7/16/2012 by WP (for Center-ST0716)
prompt and product as described

stars 7/13/2012 by laprjns (for Center-ST0716)
Bought one of these back in April for my son to basically play games on. At that time they were shipping with Android 2.3 and where $129 and frankly I wasn't expecting much. However I was pleasantly surprise of the quality and responsiveness of the tablet. I rate it on par with my Kindle Fire, which doesn't have a camera and was $70 more. After about three months, it started acting up, most of the apps would crash and connecting to wifi would result in errors. This is when VitalASC really shined. I called their tech support with the expectations of having to RMA'ing the tablet back to them. The technical support rep was very friendly and knowledgeable. After telling me that all I may need is to upgrade the firmware, he walked me through the process of re-flashing the tablet with Android 4.0 (ICE). This solved all the problems and my son now has a working tablet again. I took three days to complete this re-flashing, mainly due to the fact that I had to get a working version of

stars 7/9/2012 by Christian A (for Club-ST1010)
Strengths: Sharp & Vibrant Screen
Weaknesses: A little on the heavy side
Summary: Netflix works great on this tablet. Runs smooth & great sound. Solid WIFI with B/G/N support. Email works swiftly. Battery life is beyond 6 hrs. more than my laptop can offer. Extremely Happy with this tablet and will be recommended to others.

stars 6/26/2012 by Jeff (for Center-ST0716)
Nice speed great tablet i love it

stars 6/25/2012 by Longge (for Center-ST0716)
Over all this tablet works well for me (toward to its low price) although there were some issues (CPU/ROM) at the beginning. I sent it back to VitalASC. the main issues were solved, and then I use it as my pocket toy everyday, for surfing internet, watching movies, playing games...there are many markets providing 10k of apps to play with and free. I may not give this tablet 100% as there is still a problem of power plugin with a wired screen functions; I know it is a popular issue discussed in the forum (; it may be from the charger? to me it is OK as after charged it works pretty good for me for several hours. The most impressive was that the customer service from VitalASC, Kevin, was very good, knowledgeable, and nice to serve. There may be problems, but they have strong support. So I still give this product 5-stars. It provides enough ports, USB, HDMI, etc. which allow to do pptx presentation through a projector (with audio); play movie as well as web movies e.g. Youtube to an HDTV. you just need to get an A to C HDMI cable. You may also use doogle, for 3G, or maybe as a phone, a lot of fine seems I don't need to start my computer if it is a simple show.

stars Friendly and Affordable Tablet! June 4, 2012 by mingster (for Center-ST0716)
So I went on doing a lot of study and comparison before I decide to go with the ST0716 Tablet. Even try the Apple IPAD 2 and 3. This ST0716 is extremely user friendy and affordable. Works great with Netflix, Youtube and many others. Battery life is around 5-6 hrs. that is good enough for what I will be using it for. I highly recommend this Tablet. Service and Support is awesome!

stars May 29, 2012 by J. P. Dancing Bear (for Center-ST0716)
I've had my tablet for six weeks and I can't complain about a thing. Everything works, I've downloaded plenty of apps from the Market, I've run plenty of apps without a single issue. For the price, this is a pretty solid buy. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a good tablet for handling most of what you need one for.

4 stars May, 28, 2012 by Jimdandy1970 (for Center-ST0716)
PROS: Responsive little tablet with a good touch screen. The battery life is good and with Android 2.3.4 this tablet appears to be compatible with most everything I've tried to use it for. I have a K. Fire too and this tablet outperforms the Fire. Skype, Netflix, Youtube all work fine. I found it to be very simple to access the Kindle Appstore with a downloadable App. CONS: The size is slightly larger than the Fire so I've had problems finding a case for it. It's amazing to me that the smaller phones have far better cameras in them than this tablet. Don't expect to use this camera as a scanner. The 16Gb of storage is a little misleading. It is actually 8Gb with another 8Gb coming from the installed TF card.

4 stars May 29, 2012 By Randall Scherer (for ST0713)
In addition to buying an ST0716, I won this little device in the VitalASC contest. Gotta say, I like this one a lot better. The screen material is tough and doesn't scratch easy. It is pretty fast and the battery life is excellent. I use this it for newsfeeds all the time as well as bunches of other apps. On the downside is that it doesn't support Skype video and, on mine at least, the microphone doesn't work. Also, I do wish it ran Android 3 or 4, but hopefully will in the future. All-in-all, a good buy.

4 stars May, 12, 2012 by Rob S (for Center-ST0716)
On receipt this failed to charge. I returned it prepaid by Meritline and received a replacement in less than a week. The new VitalASC tablet has exceeded all expectations. The touch screen is excellent and the customer service from VitalASC is stellar. I had a couple of technical questions and sent emails to them. Within 30 minutes I had vitalASC service representative on the phone. Very helpful and knowledgeable. A nice guy. I have used Meritline for many years and have always been impressed by their customer service. The prompt replacement of the faulty unit and the outstanding customer service from VitalASC make me recommend these tablets and both companies highly.

stars May 13, 2012 by Ruth Petroni (for Center-ST0716)
just as described.

stars May 11, 2012 by Ed (for Center-ST0716)
Possibly one of my best purchases. I expected to return this table as I felt that the low cost may due to poor performance. I have used it for the past month and couldn't be more pleased. Sure, you can get more with a $600 tablet, but not $475 more. Great product!

stars May 9, 2012 by Bico (for Center-ST0716)
We received this tablet about two months ago; Let me say here that this is the first time we had ever even touched any device like this. I did a lot of research about tablets & decided take a chance on the "vitalASC". It seemed to have all the things that we wanted. It took about three days of playing with it to understand what it would & would not do; Any way we were pleasantly suprised with all that it would do & are still finding things that it does. My wife down loaded the (skype) app & talked to her family in the Philippines while using the camera. The wifi on it works well to & my 4yr old loves playing (fruit ninja). All said this device does a great job & deserves this high rating.

4 stars April 29, 2012 by Tablet User (for Center-ST0716)
It boots pretty quick and works great. Screen is hard to see in sun light or if there is glare. Otherwise, my 3 year old daughter loves it. It works for her and lots of free application / games for her to use and learn. I recommend this product. My kids dropped it a couple of times, but works fine.

stars April 28, 2012 by DE Bob (for Center-ST0716)
The tablet arrived in three days, and was exactly as described. Excellent experience!

stars PRODUCT AND SHIPPING, April 24, 2012 by VIGIALNTEdelosCIELOS (for Club-ST1010)

stars Considering to get a 3rd one., April 24, 2012 by Citibank (for Center-ST0716)
Bought 2 of these mainly for Video Calling, Skype, etc. Now becoming very attached to it. Great features, especially for longer battery life, up to 6 hours watching video vs 3 hours on other similar tablets. Best of all: excellent Support from local technician in L.A. area. Got its firmware upgraded for a business day. Offered to upgrade OS to Android 4 for free, anytime.

4 stars Good performance... great value!, April 21, 2012 by Ronald A. Kropp (for Center-ST0716)
The touch screen is very responsive and accurate. Android 2.3 runs very fast on this tablet. Runs the full-blown facebook app straight from the browser. The "AllWinner" ADB driver is available for software development. Youtube sometimes has to be switched between HQ modes to get the video to play.

stars April 13, 2012 by david f. (for Center-ST0716)
Fast,ship and good condition thanks love it.

stars Really Good!!!, April 10, 2012 By Fernando (for ST0713)
Is really a good machine, works so fast!! Is compatible with the most app from the market, the wireless is easy to connect, and very light to carry I'm very happy with my new tablet. six stars!!

stars April 7, 2012 by Tom (for Center-ST0716)
great product. works great and delivery time was exceptional.

4 stars April 2, 2012 by R H McKee (for Center-ST0716)
Picked up one of these as a pocketable knock about tablet (gets trashed or lost no big lose. However I was very pleasantly surprised by its capabilities. It is licensed Android so it has full Google access including the Market. It has a HDMI port so is connectable to HDTV, and a two way USB port so it can host drives, and even some 3G data dongles. The WiFi performs well and the the Tab handles video, Flash and streaming nicely. There is also a microSD slot for up to another 32 GB. The 16GB version actually just comes with an 8GB SD card. The only minus I chalk up is the screenss viewing angle is limited, so hard for two people to look at. The battery is quite good, I did nothing but battery intensive video streaming for over 4 hours, and there was still 25% remaining when I plugged in the charger. So I would guess close to 6 hours doing that, or 8 hours doing more normal stuff. And according to the VitalASC website, they are working on an ICS OS update for it.

stars February 27, 2012 by EK
Nice pad, works well, very seldom reboots, like some other Android pads I've seen. Best is the battery life, can last 4 days with intermittent (2x per day) use. Fast. Happy Camper.

stars February 19, 2012 r kolodziejczak
reordered this after a non-bootable first tab. this was a refurb an i like it better than my elocity a7. seller was fast and left email confirmation of shipping with a ups tracking #. trust refurbs.... after all a single person makes the repairs, not an assembly line.

stars February 13, 2012 Fernando
Woaooooooo!!! I can't beelieve is like a little powerfull netbook!!! really fast, portable, light.... similar to iphone! for the price .. is the better tablet in the market. if I could, I would put 6 stars!!!!

stars February 10, 2012 Pam W.
Husband is in LOVE with it! Great product, does everything he wants and then some!

stars February 6, 2012 by Heidi F.
Awesome unit and service! Anyone wanting an Android Tablet should definitely consider this one! Fast, reliable, Android app store! Service is great too from the seller!

stars February 6, 2012 by Heidi F.
Awesome product and service! This is our second unit and am thoroughly impressed with quality and service. I would recommend this to any one wanting a great Android tablet!

stars February 5, 2012 by JORGE S.
I brought 3 tablets, and work greats. Cheap and good quality Tablet

stars January 30, 2012 by tlg75487
Great product. Just what I was looking for.

stars January 28, 2012 by EDUARDO A.

4 stars
January 27, 2012 by Wayne C.
Everything was great about the transaction and the tablet is very good. The version of Android is a little limiting for my 5 and 6 year old boys.

stars January 26, 2012 by Shari S.
The Tablet is great I really enjoy it. Use it every day. It took longer to get then I thought it would. Was a little disappoint in that.

stars January 26, 2012 by Janet S.
Am very pleased with my purchase, no problems loading aps. Currently battery life is about 6 hours.

stars January 24, 2012 by Pony
I ordered these for my kids for christmas and I have not really seen them sence then so they must work great I looked a long time before I got these for the money they are the best thing going and they offer lots of extras I would say you would have a hard time finding a better pad for the money just take the time to see all the things this thing can do it even will display on a tV

stars Great Budget Tablet, January 16, 2012 by Cornell Johnson (DAYTONA BEACH, FL, US)
This tablet is great for the price. I returned a Coby 7" tablet because of a deffective battery and puchased this one and I'm totally impressed with the speed between the two. Battery life is great and the bluetooth is also a plus. I have not been able to figure out why the VPN does not work though.

4 stars January 15, 2012 by Cynthia H.
Have not really had time to check out the tablet itself to see if it operates as described but so far it seems to be ALOT better than the previous one I bought. The touch screen is a dream.

January, 5, 2012 by ISAACMART1984
Just wanted to let future customers now that this company gets an A+ for customer support not even an hour after i emailed theyre website about my problem with the video format i get a call from one of theyre representatives, and told me what i can do to fix it which works like a charm now, and the tablet is great super fast load times, love the hdmi capabilities...

stars Awesome tablet!, December 29, 2011 By Maclover
We bought this tablet for our 8 year old. I had looked at many things for Christmas: we started with an IPod Touch, changed to an Iconia Tab (about $300), changed to a Kindle Fire (which we only took back because it did not have expandable storage) and I began looking for tablets on Amazon. I almost chose a different one until I ran into this one. It sounded a little scary since I was not familiar with the brand, but I took a risk and also bought a 16gb card. The tablet has been a success! My son easily uses it; he has downloaded many apps from the store that was already installed on the tablet, and we have used the Amazon app for music. The battery also lasts a good around 5 hours as he took it on a long car ride.

stars Fredyckson M., December 29, 2011
excelent item

stars Nicole C., December 29, 2011
Described well

stars Great tablet pc, December 21, 2011 By JameseyPoohs
this is simply an amazing tablet for the price tag - I doubt you will find better at this price range, in fact probably impossible.

stars Mark T., December 26, 2011
Item arrived on time and packed very well. I was a little nervous about ordering overnight on a Thursday just before Christmas. But, it got here with no problem.

stars EMP - Brasil, December 4, 2011
"The delivery fullfill my expectations with surplus! Congratulations!"

stars Daniel W., December 4, 2011

Larry K. November 23, 2011
Excellent product & Excellent tech support. When you call you immediately talk to a real ( & very knowledgeable) person. A real breath of fresh air for this industry. You can't go wrong!!!! + a great product at a reasonable Price!!!!!"

stars Really great tablet 11/11/2011 By Alexmir
Strengths: Very fast, sensitive screen, long battery life, pretty stable, price unbittable for the value, fast and stable N WiFi network
May be Im just lucky and got a good one, but Im really suprized with the quality of the product. The main advantage is dual core processor and N network. Netflix HD is running smoothly and stable even on the backyard and in the basement with WPA2 secutity. I loaded a bunch of games with pretty rich graphics including simulators and car racing – works like a charm. After 6 hours of permanent use on halloween party when kids pulled it from each other eating pizza, watching youtube and playing games, it survived and still showed 50% battery. The only problem – can not connect it to my cell phone, but it’s stupid android restriction on the connection to access point, not the tablet’s fault. I think I’ll root the tablet soon and fix it. Have it two months.

4 stars Very pleased with this November 2, 2011 By Uncle D (Hawaii)
This review is from: 2x Faster w/Dual Core 1Ghz - 7" Android Tablet (512MB, 4 GB) WiFi (Personal Computers)
I had some other make of chinese GPS/tablet thing and this blows it out the water. I was a little skeptical at first, but it does quite well and has some decent features for the price. I can play video, surf the net, and play games all with no probs. It's also pretty snappy with this particular processor. The touch screen works well and looks pretty good too. Not the best but plenty good for me.

stars Great value 10/19/2011  By Flenke
Strengths: Capacitive screen, build quality, speed, bluetooth, HDMI-out, full Android Market, price
Weaknesses: occasional crash very seldom, no GPS, currently only comes with Android OS 2.2
This is the best specd tablet in this price range I could find. While the Nook Color and soon to be Kindle Fire may been better in some aspects, they were lacking the HDMI and bluetooth I was looking for. Plays all media formats Ive thrown at it and the screen is really top notch, almost unheard of at this price range. The battery life is good as well. While it is not the most recent version of the Android OS, its not a deal breaker. I have no problem recommending this tablet to anyone looking for a well equipped tablet at a bargain price

stars Excellent value, loaded with alot of power! October 7, 2011

I got lucky and purchased this no name brand android tablet for $179.99 The less you pay for this product, the better the value it is, considering the Amazon Kindle Fire is due out in about a month or so.
Pro's: Fast Duo Core Processor 1 ghz Build quality is really solid Very good screen resolution Google Android Market APP Store Works with Amazon APP Store NetFlix Streaming Videos works GREAT! Excellent screen, works like an Apple iPad screen (Capactive Screen) Works great when connected to Apple iPhone 4 Wifi Hot Spot. Works great when connected to Apple Wifi Airport Base Station. 802.11n wireless Long battery life
Con's: Only 512mb of RAM Only 4 GB of RAM for storage YouTube Videos are a little bit jerky Videos on do NOT play Only Adobe Flash 10.1 works Office Suite cost $14.95 extra The owners manual is VERY Basic (NO Details on advanced features) No website or phone number for tech support. Only 1 small speaker (max sound could be loader) System menu does NOT allow enough customization of Operating System.
Regardless that I have more cons than pro's, I still like this tablet alot. It's probably the BEST deal on Amazon for a 7" Tablet (Until the Amazon Kindle Fire comes out)

stars 10/1/2011 By sinlam
Strengths: Fast with dual core, capacitive screen, HDMI, Bluetooth. Android Market works perfectly, WIFI connection is stable, light weight.
Weaknesses: No leather case, front camera is weak and it does not work with Skype video call, Android 2.2 only.
Summary: Work with Netflix, Skype 2.1, Pandora, Amazon Prime Video streaming using Dolphin HD browser with Desktop useragent, Adobe Flash 10.3. For the price, I give it 5 stars.

Cindy L. Meredith (IL)
stars WOW! Super tablet at a great price!
September 21, 2011
I've had 2 other "cheaper" tablets and both had numerous issues. I honestly wasn't expecting a whole lot with this one, I pretty much assumed I'd end up sending it back even before I had tried it. It was just a "let's just see if it's any good" kind of purchase. I am AMAZED at the quality of this item!! It surfs the web super fast....most of the time I can't tell the difference between it's speed and my laptops speed. Has the android market already lots of great apps to choose from. I have absolutely NO complaints!! I NEVER expected this high of quality at such a low price!!

Nice little tablet
4 stars 9/3/2011 by galaxy12345
Strengths: Simple, no frills and works well for the budget
Weaknesses: Sleeve
Summary: Recommend as its a great addition at less than 1 third the price of an iPad

Great Tablet!
4 stars 8/25/2011 by androidlover
Strengths: Dual Core Processor, Android 2.2 can play flash games and videos. Good battery over 5 hrs.
Weaknesses: no stand for the tablet.
Summary: is a great tablet for just everyday use. is small enough to fit in the back of a jeans pocket. I can take it everywhere I go and a great laptop or desktop alternative.

4 stars 8/24/2011 by satsifiedcustomer
Strengths: i love it , pretty fast and Works very well for a college student and is very portable.
Weaknesses: Does not come with sleeve.
Summary: Much more worth it than an overpriced iPad.Definitely will introduce this to my classmates if theyre interested.